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Fox News mocks Canadian Army - really got Canadians pissed off!





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Published on Mar 24, 2009

Fox News mocks Canadian army noting "they need a year long break" as commented by Canadian army chief...shall we say..controversial.
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Elle Oswald
Canada has the largest supply of fresh water, so don't piss us off.
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kyle Harper
Wiso Sirius poland? really are you aware of the ongoing neo nazi problem there for the last 6 years
kyle Harper
will back you guys up no matter the fight(from your canadian brother) but we gotta work on that literacy rate.. #storytime #sounditout
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StoneWall Jackson
As an American who has been friends alongside canadian infantry, fuck you fox.
Flame the Narwhal
+SmashingLion yes!
thanks for supporting Canada God bless you
Iordache Tudor
Lol the most powerful country in the univers hah in 50 years you'll be speaking chinase
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kyle Harper
paul thomas
the main point is that as an American, I dont respect canada. we dont know you exist !
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William Cholakian
Canadian army has helped out a lot. I don't see the fox news anchors joining the army.
Mathew McGregor
We're better then Americans 
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R. Brooks
William Strange ' Canada were just white noise in wwi + wwii'  this is not how we (the British) remember things. There is a simple way of recognising who does the fighting, COUNT THE DEAD.
William Strange
+MrMikeyboy4 Canada's main role was to train British pilots... For the first nine months of the war the British controlled the Canadian army. Britain and Canada also agreed that Canadian forces should fight with British forces. They also asked Canada to produce equipment for the british army, but Canada couldn't keep up with US production. I'm not entirely sure where you're getting your facts, but I'd like source material to correct me if I'm wrong.
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Sonny Sun
stupid americans.......... so much ignorance and arrogance
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Kasandra Martinez
Not all Americans! Really just this guy. This guy has enough fucking arrogance and ignorance for everyone. 
Wiso Sirius
+Sonny Five Sure, it is every where on YouTube. I try to be an ass and point out the fallacies and ignorant comments just so that there is a two sided view. (Just scroll through) It does affect people to have shit thrown at them. Then you get assholes who hate the other (here, it is Canadians) and watch what they think is understandable FOX News satire. +Curtis I How so? You really think ALL Americans are that way? There is not one decent minded person? If so, your head must be clouded.
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jeremy clark
They say we have no military but we were in ww1&2 before them and 1812 we burnt the White House down
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Wiso Sirius
+Brad Johnson I'm not saying that the United States out right requested help. I'm saying that Canadians volunteered to fight. An act they chose to do. The ones that wanted to see action went to the United States primarily because the US had a strong troop presence.
Wiso Sirius
+Brad Johnson Would you characterise the people of the 1810's to that of the British crown, or to those that descended from that time period? Two thoughts of mine are that the territory (Upper and Lower Canada) people were more steadfast for the British government at the time, and that it wasn't until the unification of those two territories that they began to follow their own brand of politics. 1a. In the King's War/U.S. Revolutionary War, tens of thousands of people moved north to stay in British Crown rule. A good number of migrating people even fought against the revolutionaries. From that I would say there was strong belief in the British Crown to pickup and move from the 13 US colonies and replant themselves. From here caused the divide of Quebec to Upper and Lower Canada (English and French) 1b. Also, came a dependence on the British government to rebuild Canada's border settlements after the King's War/U.S. Revolutionary War. Part of the Treaty of Paris was for the United States to split the costs of rebuilding the damaged areas on the bordering countries. The United States, as victors, chose to not pay most of what was needed. Because of pressure the British government made it their best interest to give subsidies that grew the economies to build those cities. 2a. The Constitutional Act of 1791 gave powers to all British colonies to make central governments with appointed gubernators to oversee the colonies. Also, this Act split Quebec into Upper and Lower Canada's. This was working until the Upper and Lower Canada started receiving elected leaders of oligarchies with similar interests different from that of the people. Essentially, you can vote for this guy, or this guy, but either way, you won't get what you want for a government. This led the Revolutions of 1837 and 1838. The British North America Act of 1840 led to the abolished parliaments of Upper and Lower Canada and created a Union of the two which was known as the Province of Canada. 2b. Because of the British Crown trying to influence English over French, the representation of Province of Canada became deadlocked on all decisions where the French tried to amend every Act to get more recognition. This deadlock became so disruptive that the British started adding external powers from other colonies of Prince Edward Island and New Brunswick. In the end, the Confederation of Canada was done as a way to stop the deadlock, by out representing the French population and government. 2c. From the Confederation comes more government rights. Though the Confederation didn't mean Canada was it's own sovereign nation, it cascaded to the point where all nations recognised Canada as its own. That is where I say Canada became a country - when the British threw in the last shot they had fighting the French in politics of British North America. Xa. The only conservative satire that we have in the U.S. is Red Eye (evidence above), or a blue collar comedian. Otherwise, we have Alex Jones and who is not the smartest fork amongst the measuring spoons and others like him (Rush Limbaugh also comes to mind).
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Germain St-Pierre
And they wonder why most of the world hates America. USA stands for Undeniably Serious Assholes
EveryoneInThisRoom IsNowDumber
'Cause America Needs Annoying Neighbours, A! No Other Reason Why Anyone Yammers Shit Risky Using Spies Simply In America For Routing And Negotiating Conflict Ends Empire Nets Great Lands And Now Disintegrated Communists Hate Internet, None Allowed Look who can do acronyms, too. Most of the world does not hate the United States of America. There are state run media like Iran, Pakistan, North Korea, Russia, and Venezuela that portray negatively towards the USA. However, if you were able to interview ~ people on Earth, will it result in over three and a half billion people taking time out of their lives to focus and dismiss the USA? Probably not. It's more like you seeing stock video on the News of some Pakistani burning a US flag and think it is big news whilst there is a half a billion times more people not standing around that flag. Why the hate? What is there to hate about the United States of America? The 47 year old woman from Columbus, Ohio knitting, or the 10 year old boy who rides his bike without a helmet because he finds it cool. What is hating the USA? Hate the people? Hate the media coverage? Not everyone in the USA is a cut/copy/paste clone where they pollute the environment, go to war, and gamble the world's economy away. Hate on your "world" scale is an opinion and fallacy.
James Borash
Ohh what would the USA do without all of our oil. FACT: They need us more than we need them.
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Joel Adrian
Joel Adrian
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Cadet LAC Verrier
Who Burnt The White House Down We Did We Did, suck a fucking cock america
Mick Darfer The Executive Mansion was burnt (and not burnt down) by the British forces. Look up the Battle of Bladensburg. British regiments that just finished fighting against Napoleon's armies under Wellington sailed to the USA and fought under General Robert Ross in 1814 took to burning the mansion. After the war, the house was painted white; hence, the White House. Also, three BRITISH colonies declared federal dominion in 1867 forming Canada. (I assumed you knew that, and that time is a relevant factor compared to the war of 1812, but the comment said otherwise.)
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