Skyward Sword- Zelda And Groose Fandub- Where's Link's Loftwing!? (AND extra)





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Published on Feb 3, 2012

Since Skyward Sword is new and i love it! i decided to make a fandub of the most epic scene in the game (so far anyway.. i havent played the whole game yet so NO SPOILERS please lol)
I voiced Zelda, who in fact, is my favourite Zelda so far! I dont understand how people can say this game has BAD graphics! Everyone loves The Wind Waker and that style, so why not this? (obviously not all of you hate the style, im just sayin' :P)
of course though, people are entitled to have their opinion, and thats mine! and what the heck, you can't please everyone!

Anyway, Thanks to my amazing Cast, i was able to pull this off! Their names are in the credits but if you wanna know now, and cba to watch the credits (like most. I just put em there for copyright reasons!) HERE THEY ARE:

Groose: FoxsDumbSeriesMaker - http://www.youtube.com/user/FoxsDumbS...
Crawlin: FairFieldFencer - http://www.youtube.com/user/FairField...
Stitch: RadiShineAmigo- http://www.youtube.com/user/RadiShine...
And Zelda of course, like said above is voiced by me, which you can just click my name above to check out my channel, but if you still can't be bothered (lol) , click here:

Check em out! they're awesome! (except from me of course haha!)


-GROOSE- Yep! first off we have Groose who everyone loves to hate (heck, everyone wants a spinoff- The legend of Groose- Grooseland)
Ok, so, to me (and his voice actor) he needed to have quite a dumb sounding voice, but not TOO dumb! just enough to give him his personality! He's jelouse of Link remember, so in this scene he is viewed as a real douchebad who loves himself (AND Zelda!-- Way to go to FoxsDumbSeriesMaker for pulling off the lovestruck moment btw!)
So yeah, he's cocky at the beggining but as soon as he's spotted, he changed his tone, but then changes back to being nasty and, well, bullying! So he had to have a deep voice too!

Crawlin- Crawlin's not in this video much, but he will be in more dubs later on! He's a sidekick so he's probably not thought about much at all! The way I see him, is that he is quite Loyal to Groose but also gets slightly annoyed at times when he's over the top with things etc. I wanted his voice to be quite high pitched due to his short hight, but also maintain a jerk-like and mean voice, like the typical stereotype of bullies! FairFieldFencer is the only one i could find who would do a high pitched voice for him! (hey i know how difficult it is for guys to do that!XD) so congrats to him!

-STITCH- Right! Since Stitch doesn't exactly have a line in this, i made one up. the ''um...Groose?''. This is because i didnt want him to just be THERE, I wanted him to be noticed, and the fact that he is Groose's Sidekick and is Loyal aswell. The ''um... Groose'' is a typical moment like; ''he's behing me isnt he?'' sorta thing! And with Crawlin saying ''uh, oh...'' it shows that they are panicking, hoping that Link didn't overhear. Plus it makes more sence when they're backing off. I sorta imagined what they were thinking. Right, anyway, i wanted Stitch to have an even lower and dumber voice then Groose! (i didnt want em sounding exactly the same!) so i pictured his voice like Big The Cat! He doesn't think for himself too much, sorta thing, he has to be bossed around by Groose! (if you get me) But needed to have that laugh at the end. (btw guys, although RadiShineAmigo voiced him, FairFieldFencer did the laugh at the end!)
But Congrats to RadiShineAmigo for voicing him for me! even though hes more of an LP'er then a Voice Actor! I think he did well for a first try!

-ZELDA- Ok, so, I picture this Zelda as quite an ongoing character, and not afraid of speaking her mind. Unlike the typical ''princess'' she has more character, and by this scene it's almost as if she is known for keeping grounded and in controll ( by the ''oh crap'' moment on Groose and Link's face) it looks like link Knows what she's like since he moves out of the way (yet he still gets knocked) But she's also a kind and caring person. That's why i put an extra scene at the end where she's kind and concerned for Link's loftwing (also so it shows what they're after). So yeah, i wanted to put attitude into her voice! and i hope i achieved that! ^^

-LINK- I didnt need any voice actor for him! He IS just there! he's a mute ok? XD he doesn't need to talk! and he still gets the attention from the viewers cos the whole scene is revolved around him! I didnt want him to say ''Nice hair'' cos i imagine him doing some sort of sign language. That, of the fact that I dont want the audience to hear his voice! ;)

So yeah! I hope you enjoyed it! and there will be more! Just Subscribe and wait and see! There will probably be more from my cast too! soo keep an eye out! ;) Thanks for taking your time to watch this, and read this if you have! And i will see you later!


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