Hitchens Destroys the Cult of Ayn Rand





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Published on Sep 29, 2009

Christopher Hitchens from the lecture "The Moral Necessity of Atheism" given on February 23, 2004 at Sewanee University


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Not a huge Rand fan. A bigger fan of Hitchens, actually. But I don't see any destroying here. All I see are snarky remarks.
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+ZURATAMA1324 "Snarky?" Maybe. But a lot more entertaining and not passive aggressive. Unlike your post....
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Esteban Guitierrez
Okay... where's the "destroy" part? Looks more like a passing, snide dismissal without any depth or context.
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Esteban Guitierrez this guy is a cuck
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Scott B
So since he doesn't like her books she was destroyed??
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Liberals don't know the difference between talking shit and making an argument. This video was clearly uploaded by an airheaded liberal.
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Bill Houston
I think Ayn Rand wrote those essays on "selfishness" in order to clarify a misunderstanding of the word. Most people I know believe that selfishness is a bad thing. Ms Rand makes a distinction between a greedy kind of selfishness and what she would call self-interest, which she presents as a virtue. Greedy selfishness displays unconcern for the rights of others and benefits only a few, whereas a healthy self-interest exercised by creative people can lead to the creation of the kind of wealth which can benefit everyone.
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Grey Winters
Are you a sad tiny little man ?
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Robert Eugene
How quaint. Calling Ayn Rand's philosophical followers a "cult." Rand championed the individual. Common sense dictates that you can't have a cult of individualists.
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I would rather read the Old Testament and the Koran ten times before reading Atlas Shrugged again. it was an AWFUL work of fiction. Rand could have made her ponderous, tedious, repetitious, laborious, unremarkable points in a short story of less than fifty pages.      Slogging through that massive muddle of tendentious tripe was so painful I had to stop periodically to keep from weeping at the effort. It is a dreadful piece of overly-contrived literary shit. I have symptoms of PTSD just remembering the experience.
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David Renwick
Amazingly good or.....?
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Crusader Cat
Cult of Rand? The existence of this video seems to be proof of the cult of Hitchens. All he does is posture and preen and some fanboys think he 'pwned' Rand.
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Lucas Fortes
Hitchens is absolutely brilliant but come on, he didn't "destroy" anything.
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Matthew Singh-Dosanjh
An idiot because?....
Grey Winters
His own credibility.
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Piotr Nowacki
Ok, so he 'Destroys the Cult of Ayn Rand' by not debunking any of the principles objectivity promotes nor even explaining what does are. But then again it's hardly a surprise, to actually refute Rand's argument Hitchens would have to explain what the notion of selfishness contained in her novels was. He just says 'some things require no further reinforcement' while Rand writes a thousand book page on the exact same topic. Are you seriously thinking that this is a destruction of the Rand cult? I also love the part when he and FED chairman argue the works of Rand, geez, give me a break, that's like a Grand Wizard of KKK and Adolph Hitler arguing the racial superiority of blacks, I wonder if they came to the same conclusions...
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crowley lavey bernaise, freud, all cultists... if you are talking philosophy and do not emntion the giants on whose shoulders you are standing and dismiss entire concepts like society? what yoiu are doing is bending language to your view , not using to communicate,,, rand would destroy a cncept of thousands years making and rebuild it in her image whilst banning the term from her lexiconical thought train to nowhere... she was listened to by greedy people... an enabler, a voice that said , its ok top be yourslef even if your a total bastard and dont give a fuck about anyone else... she had dpower and influence, she would seek others to seek power and influence,,, for no other end than its own... she was basically saying only people who dont give a fuck about each othe can suceed... totally and utterly down the rabbiot hole thriough the looking glass double thinking psychopathic populaist fucking twit. when you really listen its goes,,,well im greedy but not greedy enough to win and im not a man so im gonna fuck with the meanings of words like five year old trying to claim "i only borrowed it"
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rand was not perfect but she mops the floor with this guy hes lucky he never debated her it would have been funny hes got a flair for turning a phrase that would have bought him about one minute not even
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