Fab@Home personal fabber 3d printer

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Publicado el 18 dic. 2006

Fabbers (a.k.a 3D Printers or rapid prototyping machines) are a relatively new form of manufacturing that builds 3D objects by carefuly depositing materials drop by drop, layer by layer. Slowly but surely, with the right set of materials and a geometric blueprint, you can fabricate complex objects.

Believe it or not you can build your own fabber, Fab@home is a site with all what you need to build your own fabber, Our goal is to explore the potential of universal fabrication: Machines that can use multiple materials to fabricate complete, active systems.
Inspired by this history, the goal of this project is to offer an open-source, low-cost, personal SFF system kit, which we call "Fab@Home". The aim of this project is to put SFF technology into the hands of those same curious, inventive, and entrepreneurial citizens. In addition, through this Wiki web site we hope to inspire users of Fab@Home to exchange their ideas for applications and their improvements to the hardware and software with us and each other. Several machines are already in use.


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