1. Utilizing Transfer Learning for Collaborative Recommender Systems

  2. Devastation and Renewal: The Metabolism of an Industrial City

  3. Reversing the Supermarket: a Distributed Approach for Cloud Elasticity

  4. Einstein's Roadmap to General Relativity

  5. Mining Event Data Streams

  6. Mathematics in Wall Street

  7. Authorship Attribution: What's Easy, What's Hard

  8. Priceless: The Value of Information in a Networked Economy

  9. The Features of Translationese: Computational Approaches to Translation Studies

  10. Changing the way people are entertained and informed: A twenty year perspective

  11. On Group Testing

  12. New Interfaces to Storage-Class Memory

  13. Treating the Brain as a Network - a Far Reaching Research Project

  14. Service Science Management Engineering and Design - SSMED

  15. Programming with Millions of Examples

  16. An Unsupervised Framework for Information Extraction

  17. DEAWAY Inc

  18. Elastic and Fault-Tolerant Stream Processing in the Cloud

  19. Terahertz Imaging

  20. Privacy, Ethics, and Accountability

  21. A tour of the Alan Turing exhibition

  22. On Elephants, Earthquakes and Brain Research

  23. Singularity in action: From Singularity University to the Disruptive Nanomedical Vecoy Technology

  24. SAT Solving 101: Theory and Practice

  25. פרוייקט הסייבר הלאומי

  26. Global Warming: Why? How Much? And Who Cares?

  27. Recent Progress in Maximization of Submodular Functions

  28. Seeing the Invisible, Predicting the Unexpected

  29. The Euclidean k-Supplier Problem

  30. Quantitative Formal Verification

  31. Exploring Human Evolution and Deciphering the Human Genome

  32. Can we exploit the basal ganglia machine learning tricks to cure human brain disorders?

  33. Algorithmic Mechanism Design