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Uploaded on Mar 13, 2011

*Read AT LEAST this paragraph*
*This is not Chaos Mode ; Guy didn't even have one at the time. It's a custom-made story mode, with some hacks to make it easier. It's harder than Guy's Mania, but arguably easier than Unknown.

* Story :
The Tales heroes assault the Sanctuary where the Nereid Replica resides, hoping to end the Tales boss cloning and save the worlds.
Deep in the Sanctuary, the warriors get separated. While the others fight countless boss imitations, only Guy and Natalia reach the Nereid Replica.

*About the hacks used*
There are many small changes, usually to my advantage. Some bigger hacks include actually HAVING a Chaos Mode for Guy, and increasing Beast's power from 21 to 51. That's actually because I got sick of retrying this fight; the bosses randomly started escaping my long Beast combos over and over. So I made Beast stronger, but made the first bosses show up faster to compensate.

Also, 3 bosses heal the player 127 HP when defeated. This defeats the purpose of Chaos Mode, but I just wanted an epic fight by then, not a skill show off.


* Fast and damaging moves must be spammed to kill the first bosses before the next appears. Hugo is very vulnerable to moves that knock him down (thank Judas5435's video for that) ; that's why I used Beast.
Demonic Tiger Blade and Demonic Void can be used to reduce the chances of getting interrupted between Beasts.

* Double Barbatos appears when Nebilim is low on HP. That's also when Nebilim will try using Fragmented End. Noble Roar is a good idea, but keep in mind it does NOT hit enemies behind Natalia. I found that too unfair, so I hacked the move to also hit behind her.

* There ARE World Destroyers. Furthermore, if Barbatos Overlimits, you'll quickly be staring at a Continue screen unless you pull something off. Mystic Artes cancel Barbatos' Penetrate, so that's what I went for.

* Nereid was at 1/100 skill, which makes her easier, though shockingly, not by much. However, no matter what skill/level she is, she will never approach you if you're far enough and not in the air.

* Nereid does a move dealing 180 damage when low on HP. That move also makes her invincible and can hit you even if YOU're invincible. That's why I used Noble Roar to finish her off without actually letting her "have low HP"... only to barely fail.

Music is "Chaos : Last Battle" from Dissidia Final Fantasy. Fitting name.

***SPOILER ALERT for Tales of Graces***
"So you think you have won... no... against me... VICTORY IS IMPOSSIBLE!"
Thanks to gabryhyrule007 for the quote and translation. This is the final quote at the end of the video, and it comes from Tales of Graces.
A fitting quote for this video, as victory in Chaos Mode remains mathematically improbable.
*EDIT : Some people on Nicovideo won many characters' Chaos Modes. I for one am extremely impressed.

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