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Published on Jan 22, 2012

Hello my wonderful summer-sky blue sugary fairy crystal bonbons!
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→ @manasenpai
Since I've noticed that there are so many comments about
how big my eyes are
they wonder how I get my eyes so big
what I use to make them big
what makeup techniques make my eyes big
and again that my eyes are very big and how do i make them bigger
annnnd we see that big eyes can touch people emotionally or something or just

So I thought I'd share with you my makeup technic on how I make my eyes big! Let's start!

I usually wear circle lenses to make my eyes look bigger. This one with 17.5mm is bigger than the average 14.5mm circle lens. Depending on their design they have an eye enlarging effect andare available in various styles and sizes so there's something for everybody.

I mostly use eyeshadows in natural tones as green, creme colour or brown because they give an effect of deeper set eyes, like of a doll.

The lightest colour, a creme one with some shimmer, will be applied up to the browbone. A light colour on the brow bone brightens the eyes, so it actually makes you look more "awake".

The middle tone colour is applied from the inner corner followed by the darkest colour. This colour arrangement will give an illsuion of wider eyes.

A small tip:
Blend black eyeliner in your crease to make your eyes look more deeper.

Let's continue with the eyeliner! Line the half of your lash line. Actually lining the third of your lash line opens your eye, but we are going to work this out later, so keep on watching!

Now get your mascara and don't be greedy! Apply coat over coat until your lashes are really thick and long. To make it really effective, you'll need to apply false lashes. But really thick and long ones. Another tip: Set them a bit off to make your eyes look wider.

Finally apply mascara over the falsies. After all, we want an effect that get's noticed, right? An effective effect.

Back to the eyeliner: Thicken a bit more then the half of the line. This will open your eyes and
with this look, it's more effective than lining only a third.

A well known must for bigger eyes is applying white eyeliner on your waterline, and inner eye corner.

Lashes play an important role in this look! So let's apply lower ones, too.

And because we never can have enough lashes, we are going to draw them! Use a liquid eyeliner to draw lines that should look like really long lashes.
Then just blend them together with a black eyeliner, to fit them in.

Hey, we're done!

Thank you for watching my video
And I wish you a lot of fun trying out this makeup

See you in my next video!

Music: royalty free music
Artist: Kevin MecLeod
download link: http://music.incompetech.com/royaltyf...

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The amount of makeup you wear on a daily basis is terrifying.
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In more recent videos (i think a q and a with her bf) they mention something about her dressing normally on a daily basis, and doing this kind of style only for videos.
The Middle Beast
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Marley x
I wonder what she acts like in real life
View all 16 replies
Rachel Lo
She was 15 at time. I really can't believe..
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I love Venus's voice, but it kinda reminds me of cooking mama's voice? Like the DS game everyone had when they were 7 lol
View all 13 replies
Anita Brigden
Freakiie I still play Dat game on Nintendo DS lite XDA
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OK PEOPLES YES I'VE GOT IT her voice is a high pitchy voice Her accent is DIFFERENT because she comes half from switzerland And half from hungaria She was 13 or 14 here ok She travelled to many countrys and not on all places on earth the english teaching is so good BUT HER ENGLISH IS GOOD ENOUGHT THAT YOU CAN UNDERSTAND HER...DAMN and if not than you are the stupid one here. Ok she has a HIGH PITCHY VOICE not a such good ENGLISH and a "WEIRD" ACCENT but come on peoples this is not annoying sereously you 're ears fell off because of her voice? (Which is not even possible) Dumbasses. I'm sure it annoys you and you can't sleep anymore so maybe you should commit suicide so you can escape from her But first; what do you think you gain while writing such a dumbass comment? Likes ? Or stuff like that? Ohh do you want a cookie? Let me tell you that NOBODY DAMN CARES AND NOW PISS OFF YOUTUBE
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Beef_Sandwich Gaming 24
go make a Chinese knock- off of youtube and stay there, where people with your grammar skills can post relevant comments like telling people to go kill themselves
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Nathan Johnson
Why does she sound Asian but looks like Lisa down the street?
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Katelyn Renbarger
+Candy Skulls Same, but tbh i think it smart to dye your hair more natural colors and use wigs for the pastels, just because having pink hair all the time can clash with wardrobe. IMO at least, that's why I have blonde hair xD
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Alexis Garcia
ur voice creeps da shit out of me
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no one of your consern
honey owen
+Alexis Garcia i was this girl and her mom on a show i think it was called "My strange Adiction" google her and you see. There is a moment in the show when they don't know the cameras there where you hear her talk in a normal voice. If you really wanna see something weird at the end her mom comes out dressed like a doll too. lol so funny
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Sophie Smithy
stop being so rude! english is obviously not her first language and she cant change her voice
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Tanisha Hawkins
She's Sounds Like Happy From Fairy Tail! So Adorable •3•
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fennekin chan
she does
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Karina Mihalkina
step one: add false eyelashes
Shadow Light
step two: add mascara to that then add MORE false lashes!
OMG EVERYBODY NEEDS TO STOP HATIN!!!!! She's just being herself, if you guys don't like that, than just think about how you'd feel if people hated you for being yourself😡😡😡😡 she's beautiful and so is everyone else in this world, just let the girl be herself
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