TASERED IN 23 SECONDS!!!!!!!!!! RIDICULOUS!!!!!!!!!!





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Published on Jul 19, 2010

Here is the video of Mr. Derrick, a motorist tasered by police from the Columbia Missouri police department after 23 seconds!! He was stopped for allegedly having no front license plate. He was tasered 23 seconds later. He asked why he was stopped - the policeman responded that he had no license (false - it was in the police officer's hand). The policeman signalled that he smelled marijuana (touched his nose - the other officer shook his head, indicating that he did not smell marijuana. Mr. Derrick was tasered, beaten, maced and arrested. Why? Resisting Arrest!!!!! His lawyer is filing suit and would appreciate your comments at sam.trapp@trapplaw.biz.

I am cadilac's attorney. This will be the only post I make. Just to get the ball rolling - I enjoy your commentary and am quite interested in the current "get rid of the taser issue.".

What if.........

The license plate was in the front window because the placeholder recently fell off?

Cadilac was pulled over by the same two officers several weeks before and arrested for having a warrant for his arrest when he had no warrant, was taken to the police station for booking, and then was released?

Cadilac was wondering why the officer would tell him he has no license, when his license was in the officer's hand?

Cadilac has no prior record except a high school altercation with another student?

There was no weapon or contraband of any kind discovered in the resulting search of the vehicle?

The policy of the CPD requires you to yell "Taser! Taser! Taser!" before deploying the taser?

--- My only comments on this blog will be as follows: I want to support good, tough police work. Unfortunately, 100% of the officers do not behave properly 100% of the time. We cannot be so foolish as to believe that everyone with a badge deserves to wear it. I have no doubt that these two officers are good people. I just question whether they have the objectivity and wisdom to wield the awesome power of the state without getting their feelings hurt. Officers should go out of their way to be the good guys, with good motives. If they wish to presume that every peson they deal with in their job is a "bad guy," fine. But they should go out of their way to de-escalate the already tense atmosphere of being stopped by the police, not escalate hostilities.

I believe the taser should NEVER be used to gain compliance. It should be used as a defensive weapon only. These are my beliefs and reasonable minds may disagree. John Stuart Mill opined that a persons liberty extends as far as that person wants it to, limited only when it bumps up against the liberty of another citizen. The duty of the State (in this case the police) is to step in when one persons liberty interferes with the liberty of another. Not to create another conflict.

We as citizens SHOULD question state actions that seem unreasonable. Thomas Jefferson stated that a little revolution is a good thing. It is. If the officers had treated Cadilac with a very small amount of respect, I believe they would have received it in return.

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There seems to be a lot of cops trolling this page race bating and leaving comments about how the person deserved this for not "following orders". They are just agents trying to spread the idea that police have some type of authority over the average person so it makes their job easier.  I find it funny that they are sticking up for an officer of the law who communicates using hand gestures due to his inability to articulate facts.  First, there is a difference between requests and lawful requests...  "orders" are merely requests and certain measures have to be taken for said orders to be considered "legal requests". Policy dictates that when an officer stops an individual you are to tell him why he is being stopped. Their reason for the stop (no license) was not necessarily a valid reason (absent more info not stated) so the request to exit the car was not actually legal.  There appear to be no safety risks to the officer so there was no need to request the person out of the car. If the reason for the stop was "no front plate" then there is policy that requires they explain that in order to avoid the exact situation that arouse.  If the officer had actually smelled marijuana during the contact (as his caveman hand gestures indicated) then he should have just stated that fact in order to enforce his authority against the possible crime that he suspects is taking place (ie possession). All the individual did was ask the officer to articulate to him why he was being detained which is something the officer is required to articulate in order to enforce his limited authority.  Everything that transpired from the opening of the door onward happened only in response to the officers actions and the person was merely trying to escape the officers aggressions. These officers did everything to destroy their own case and this citizen should have locked his doors and had his window at least half way up!!!
mark squilla
He should of recieved additional charges for disturbing the peace with all that screaming
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Weird mentality those people who think you're supposed to stand at attention to any ludicrous demand a cop makes. They are PUBLIC SERVANTS. They are not here to make demands and immediately assault us.
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Talk back to a cop? Question their actions? Interrupt them while they are speaking? Comply or die, better get used to it.
Thank god the police saved the white girls life
I think it's time for some justice to come to these scumbag piece of shit cops that pull these kind of stunts. They are NOT needed in society. They strut around,  like to push people around and abuse, injure, and kill when they get the slightest chance. They protect and serve no one except for themselves and cause pain and suffering for "civilians" ask they like to call those that aren't in their gang called law enforcement. It's not peace officer anymore it's law enforcement officer with all their black apparel and ski masks they like to wear half the time on their little raids and all. I always thought criminals wore black clothes and masks, like to beat people up, had real short tempers and all the rest of it.  Interesting isn't it? They just get time off (vacation) when they do this kind of crap. And usually told they did a great job. They have immunity in half the cases. The only way this will stop, is if there are consequences when they do this shit. Then, they will at least think about what they Should do instead of whatever they want to do. And maybe some of the good ones will push out the scumbags doing this and bring honor and respect back instead of hatred, despise, fear, and disrespect. 
hopefully he learn his lesson cop tell you to step out of the car DO IT
How many of us have been pulled over and asked... What did I do officer or what's the problem?  And I would have certainly asked if there was a problem, if I had been asked to step out of the car.  But to be fare, the man did ask for his I.D. back quickly into the conversation,  However, this straight to brutality mentality that the officer's displayed was unnecessary at the very least.  I myself I'm sure ,would be thrashing about if being tased (I would imagine).  Now if you'd call the resisting???? To tase a man over the passenger, within feet of what appeared to be a child in the back seat, could not be good practice when using a Taser!
Brian Pritzl
Ahh yes, another dummy that ignores a police officers orders and wonder why they use force. If you comply, this doesn't happen. The white girl is a disgrace to her race and is the one who should have been tased.
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Kaitlin Clemons
that's my cousin. the police shouldn't have done that...
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