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Published on Apr 21, 2012

1:00-2:30 Welcome everyone! We have a News Panel today with guests Peter Horan and Ryan Block.
2:30-5:30 How are you liking your gadgets, Jason?
5:30-7:30 Thank you to Scott Walker of Walker Corporate Law for supporting the program. Show him you appreciate him too by tweeting a thanks to @ScottEdWalker!
7:30-10:00 Twitter announced this week that it was adding an Innovator's Patent Agreement (IPA) to the agreement it signs with its developers.
10:00-11:15 Do you think this will be appealing to prospective employees, Peter?
11:15-12:00 Ryan: I'd like to see the opposite of this, which is "we're going to weaponize your patents but we're going to cut you in on it."
12:00-12:45 Tyler: It's like your mom cutting your toenails.
12:45-15:00 Tim Berners-Lee has come out urging users to demand that companies like Google and Facebook turn over their personal data, saying that it could be "of great benefit to humanity." What kind of user action would it take to convince these companies to change their policies?
15:00-18:00 Ryan, is this a big issue for the average user?
18:00-21:00 Discussing the capabilities of Google Voice.
21:00-24:00 Can a minor create child pornography?
24:00-27:00 Thank you to MailChimp for their support! Everyone check out MailChimp--and thank them @MailChimp!
27:00-31:00 Note taking startup Evernote is close to finalizing a giant $100M round of financing. Do you think this could be used to expand into Asian markets?
31:00-32:15 Lon: TechCrunch reported that Evernote had 750k paid users in Dec. 2011, so they obviously have even more now.
32:15-32:30 Do you think that Yahoo is planning to sell Flickr?
32:30-33:30 Facebook is said to be eying May 17th for its IPO, priced around $40 a share. How will the Instagram purchase affect trading?
33:30-34:30 Jason: Facebook stock will hit $70 and end up at $60.
34:30-38:00 Ryan, what do you think of Phil Schiller killing his Instagram account when they got bought?
38:00-41:30 Robert Scoble actually gave me a detailed list of how to segment Facebook friends.
41:30-43:30 Is it d-baggy to post to Facebook every time you make your app free or just to syndicate your Twitter feed to your timeline?
43:30-46:45 By June of this year, public companies will be able to sell stock directly from their Facebook fan pages through a platform powered by SF startup Loyal3. Is this democratizing the stock process or trivializing something which should be a more thoughtful purchase?
46:45-48:45 Square is planning to raise a round at a $4B valuation. Square was founded by Twitter inventor Jack Dorsey just three years ago.
48:45-51:00 Do you think Apple will buy Square and launch a payment system?
51:00-55:00 Should Apple have taken a dividend or should they buy something? Ryan, what would you have done?
55:00-57:00 Kickstarter has seen a massive amount of money funding projects lately.
57:00-1:01:30 How is this impacting the consumer electronics industry, Ryan?
1:01:30-1:04:15 Is there a Kickstarter to make Kickstarter projects?
1:04:15-1:05:45 Ryan, will Google Glass ever be released?
1:05:45-1:09:30 Thank you to Ryan from GDGT for joining us. If someone offered you $10k for your Twitter handle, would you take it?
1:09:30-1:09:45 Thank you to Peter, Lon, Tyler, MailChimp and Walker Corporate Law. We'll see you next time.

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