Luftwaffe Top 10 Fighter Aces





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Published on Sep 17, 2009


Luftwaffe top 10 Fighter Aces of all time.

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what about Marseille??????????? OMG!!!!!!!!
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I just saw a program bout a German fighter pilot that was shot down in england and the fucker, stole a dutch uniform and escaped to an airfield in england and stole a plane and flew it back to germany and rejoined the Luftwaffe..... off course they will never make movies about that...that's equivalent to about a dozens victoria crosses and medals of honor.
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Germany East
Top 100 air force aces of all time only Germans "Overrated British and Americans totally"
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Bass BR
Great power, Germany had an extremely advanced technology for the time. Unfortunately they had Hitler and it was he who made Germany lose.
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Robert Scott
I thought it would"ve been interesting to see how many kills Werner Molders & Joachim Sachem-Marsallies would've had had they not experienced such early misfortune to end their careers I personally think Marsallies was an equal rival to Hartman if not more.
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Millertime 1012
Damn we were good!
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Pat Smith
One of the tragedies of this was that the Germans literally flew most of their aces to death.
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William Schmoll Jr
I am not in any way shape or form a fan of the Nazis. However, I have a special place in my heart for the brave pilots of the Luftwaffe. Did you know that most of the high ranking officers in the Luftwaffe did not like Hitler and the Third Reich and did not want to support an anti Semitic government. I am reading the book A Higher Call by Adam Makos and there is one story of an Luftwaffe Officer who was stationed in Eastern Europe. One day the evil SS came to his airbase and asked him if he or some of his off duty men can help round up the undesirables. He refused and had his men line up next him and told the SS to leave. They did but he faced possible execution but one of his friends convinced them not to. Another incident occurred when an another pilot visited one the POW camps and took a tour. The men that gave him the tour were showing him the somewhat good parts of the camp until a prisoner called out to him in German he walked over noticed it was an American pilot who started telling him about what was going down at these hellish camps. The German SS guards came up to the German officer and tried to intervene and separate the too pilots when the Officer looked at them and showed them his rank they quickly walked away. He later told the people what was happening and had the pilot and his friends removed and placed in other less hellish camps. Later the officer found out that American pilot and his friends were scheduled to be executed later in the coming weeks. And the main story of the book the Frans Stigler and Charlie Brown incident when Frans Stigler escorted a badly damaged B-17 over Germany and into the North Sea. After the war they met in the early 1990's and became good friends until the both passed away in 2008. It seems that the pilots in the Luftwaffe that had the most kills and awards were also the most humanitarian people in all of war torn Europe and were the most badly treated people in post WW2 Germany because of the fact that they could not shoot down hundreds of B-17s which led to the destruction of many German cities. Most Luftwaffe and American aces became good friends at the end of the war. Adolf Galland and Erich Hartmann flew at airshows for the remainder of their lives. I show the Luftwaffe great respect. They flew with bravery, respect, and dignity. May they always be remembered.
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Braddock E. Hutton
Sad to think that the great skill of these brave Pilots was wasted on combat. Had they been born just 50 years later, they could've been excellent video game warriors, and very effective online gamers.
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