Long Live Palestine by Lowkey (Official Video)





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Published on May 10, 2009

You can now buy Lowkey's album Soundtrack To The Struggle on double disc from www.soundtracktothestruggle.com!

This is the official video for Lowkey's single Tears to Laughter which has been supported by Palestine Solidarity Campaign, Stop the War Coalition, Viva Palestine and others. The song has been a huge hit amongst supporters of the Palestinian cause and Lowkey has toured extensively through Europe, Israel and Palestine to promote the song and its message.

All profits made from the single are being donated to the DEC Gaza Appeal.

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Directed by Andy Mundy Castle

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neil lim
Free Palestine Free Northern Ireland Free Basque Free West Timor Free Greenland Free Scotland Free Hawaii Free Sahrawi Free Kurdistan  Freedom for every country that wish it.
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Free Dixie
Merouane Cherif
Free the world from the occult order and shadow government that create sporadically hot spots to maintain the control by creating chaos all over the planet ;-) 
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As a Jew, Zionism is antisemitic and a perversion of my religion. Intifada forever! 
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Chicken Connoisseur's dad
Armedjoy91 Respect brother! Love one another👍
Ditch Splitter
Israel forever!
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Anab Ali
Free Palestine Love from Somalia
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Ditch Splitter
+Anab Ali Oh Dear... Somalia is just as shitty as PaleSWINE! What is about do-nothing shit-holes patting each other on the back for being do-nothing shit-holes.
Neha Khan
+Anab Ali Free Palestine
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Sally Sturman
Palestine forever! <3
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mikail nizam
+Hi Hello then you are brave too
Hi  Hello
I'm also from Palestine <3
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Ditch Splitter
Stay in Cartagena and keep fucking donkeys, you SPIC fuck!
TheVirgin Mary420
+TheAdjundantReflex Cause you guys don't have your own problems?
You idiots that say hamas rejects cease-fire is because they want justice, time and time again israel has been bombing gaza, they have had many ceasefires before but the regulations were broken by israel. Israel have killed over 300 Gazans during the month of fasting for no reason. They blame hamas for the kidnapping of three israelis without hard evidence. Man videos of israeli soldiers torturing gazans are all over the webs. But all u believe is the bullshit u hear from todays news. You have to research all this then it fits like a puzzle. And u cant say israel warnt them, because they have no where to go, both israel and eygpt borders are closed, its just an excuse so they can rebuild thise areas to make make it part of israel. And how far can gazans run before getting killed, 1.8million people living in a small land. #freepalestine #peace #zionistsarenotjewish #jewsshouldkickoutzionism
I am a Palestinian and I support Fatah. Hamas has been recruiting kids, using human shields and discriminating other religions because their ideology is same as Daeesh (ISIS). They want to make the holy land for the 3 religions for only Islam.
alexander rivera
Chile love palestine! Free palestine!! Fuck israel and fuck usa too
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Ditch Splitter
Fuck you useless spics. What the hell does Chile have to be proud of anyway? Oh yeah! NOTHING! Worthless beaner.
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marv hendrix
The U.S supports the Israeli violence on Gaza, I feel sad for Palestines they dont even have armoured tanks, Military jets. This is not a war is Genocide, Isreali style.
Huzzy Septim
True say dude
Frank Watson
Free Britain and Europe from ethnic cleansing. Zionism is responsible for all our problems.
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John Gray
were holding the middle east prisoner but free britain? The refugee 'crisis' was manufactured to give ignorant people stuff to talk about while our leaders laugh all the way to the bank.
Ditch Splitter
First class lesson on victim blaming. It might have to do with the Christian's incitement against the Jews for the death of Jesus to avoid putting blame on the Roman Empire. Did you ever think of that? It might have something to do with Jews' history as money lenders. That was a practice that the Church barred Christians from. You're pretty likely to hate your creditor - to want to kill or expel your creditor - when you can't repay a loan to him.
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oz cole
We need you back Lowkey!
Kat Torres
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