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Published on Jun 24, 2011

~still with Carlos & Haley~
--2 minutes later--
Carlos: [finishes] Kay! Done setting it up! Let's play!! [grabs 2 controllers, hands one to Haley, sits next to her]
Haley: What are we playing?
Carlos: Black Ops.
[they start playing]
Haley: [pushes him] Stop shooting at me!!
Carlos: That's what I'm supposed to do!
Haley: [shoots him, jumps up] HA!!! You're dead!! GAME OVER!!! [does a happy dance :) ]
Carlos: I wanna rematch!
Haley: Okay, let's play.... [thinks] Biohazard Blast 4!! (yeahh, i know. I couldn't think so I just used what they said in Big Time Terror :P )
Carlos: Okay!! [puts it in, sits next to her again]
[blah blah blah, they play, Carlos wins!!]
Carlos: [jumps up] YEAH!!! [does a happy dance] I beat YOU!!
Haley: [stands up] Shut up! I still beat you a bunch more times!!
Carlos: SO?!!
Haley: [sticks her tounge out at him]
Carlos: [sticks his tounge out]
Haley: Blehhh!!!
Carlos: Blehh to you too!!
Carlos' Mom (Sylvia): [walks in] What is going on?!
Carlos & Haley: [at the same time] Haley/Carlos is being stupid cuz she/he won the game!
Sylvia: [rolls her eyes & walks out]
Carlos: [yells after her] Thanks for the help Mom! [sarcasm]
Sylvia: [yells] You're welcome!!
Haley: You're an idiot.
Carlos: But I'm you're idiot. [grins]
Haley: [smiles]
Carlos: Come here. [holds out his arms]
Haley: [smiles & hugs him] I'm sorry I was being a giant turd.
Carlos: [laughs] I'm sorry for being a giant turd too.
Haley: [looks up at him, arms around his waist] I love you.
Carlos: I love you too. [kisses her]
Haley: [kisses back]
???: You guys are the weirdest couple ever.
Carlos/Haley: [pulls away & look at them] Oh hey Sabrina and Logan.
Carlos: What are you doing here?
Logan: What? A guy can't hang out with his best friend?
Sabrina: And a girl can't hang out with her best friend?
Carlos/Haley: [give them a look]
Sabrina: Okay, we got bored and decided to come over here.
Carlos: I figured...
Sabrina: So big bro, whatcha guys doin? [jumps on his bed]
Carlos: Nothing just playing video games.
Logan:oh yeah, we could hear you guys arguing from downstairs.
Sabrina: What games have you played?
Haley: Black Ops and Biohazard Blast 4.
Logan: Let's play Black Ops. Sabrina will be on my team, and Haley and Carlos will be a team.
Carlos: Okay. Prepare to lose.
Logan: [pushes him] Shut up.
Carlos: [laughs & puts Black Ops in again, sits next to Haley on the bed]
[they start playing]
Sabrina: AAH! Carlos, shoot me one more time and I swear I will-
Carlos: WHAT?! What will you do?!
Sabrina: You don't even wanna know what I'll do!!!!
[Sabrina & Logan win]
Sabrina & Logan: [jump up] WHOOOOO!!! [high five eachother] YOU lost!
Carlos: [stands up] REMATCH!!
Logan: NO!!!
Carlos: [pouts] Meanie.... [sits back down]
Logan: [laughs]
Sylvia: [calls from downstairs] I MADE COOKIES!!!!
Everyone: COOKIES!!!!! [run downstairs]

~hello!! So this episode was really random, wasn't it?? Lol i wanted to make it fun. :)
Hahah so me and mah friend went bowling today. Bowled a 143 cuz im a beast lol but we took some funny pics, i think imma post them on facebook tomorrow so check them out!!! :D

Fact #8 (almost done!! :D ) : I fall in love too quickly. It sucks because I always end up with a broken heart. :(


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