Which is better? Minecraft, Blockland, or Roblox





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Published on Nov 28, 2010

Post your opinion in the comments! Please don't fight with others what you think is better, because this is a video for opinions, not fights.

For everyone who is wondering when each of the games were released, have a look at these links for the proof.
Blockland: http://tinyurl.com/c7s25nq
Roblox: http://tinyurl.com/czhxuxq
Minecraft: http://www.ask.com/answers/76657461/w...
For the first two links just have a look at the first thing google finds.

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Logan Swenson
i believe those days roblox was dominating in 2006-2010
I cannot judge blockland because I dont have it but I can tell you that roblox is the best, IN MY OPINION SO BACK OFF MINECRAFT FANBOYS. Roblox is the game I've played the most of, I've played it since 2009 and honestly, When I bought minecraft in 2012 I enjoyed it and played it for around 6 months. After that I just got bored of it and carried on playing roblox. I haven't played minecraft in about 4 months and I find it SUPER boring to play, Just mine...die...respawn...mine some more...building...get more wood...die.... So boring. The only reason why I've been with roblox so long is how I can build anything I want because the game has more shapes other then fucking blocks and because everyday there is a new game on the front page and I like it. Ratings: Minecraft- 2/10, I barely play it and when I do only play for an hour at best. It's boring and I wasted £20 on it. Roblox-7/10, I love it, I love building and playing other peoples creations. I didn't give it a 10/10 because some updates are fucking annoying plus their moderation can be annoying. If you want a good survival game, Get minecraft. If you want a good building game, Get roblox. If you want to play other peoples creations, Get both and see which one you like the most. Oh and I cannot say it enough, FUCK OFF MINECRAFT FANBOYS THAT WILL ARGUE WITH ME.
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I have a feeling that this video was made to start a flamewar...
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Steven Normak Games
All three can be pretty fun. minecraft: you can build whatever you want roblox: you can build whatever you want blockland you can build whatever you want....OKAY WHO WAS IN CHARGE WITH THESE IDEAS! Okay let me make some pros and cons for each game. Note: I haven't played blockland before so don't be mad at me if I screw up something just reply to me if I missed something or to correct me :P. minecraft pros: get's updated a lot, very addicting, an infinite game, many creatures, pretty realistic, nostalgic for retro gamers, no membership cons: game costs about 20-25 dollars (that was just me, maybe there will different prices for different places), mods and maps are pretty hard to install, everyone loves to troll this good game roblox pros: good games can be pretty fun, there will always be someone online, many different games, updated pretty well (just like minecraft) cons: has membership (well there is a plus side: it's not really needed but if you want to get extra stuff then be my guest p.s. FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU GUESTS!), many many trolls, can easily be hacked, free models UGH!!!!!! (well actually did you know that every game would be considered a free model game because they have to make their own models to make things and scripts. SO STOP YOUR WHINING AND DEAL WITH IT!), groups like F.E.A.R are the most annoying people ever (fun fact: not all of them are idiotic people and some of them are pretty cool guys, I know I have a friend apart of F.E.A.R) blockland pros: many many things can be used, not badly priced, some maps are pretty cool, many many cool videos, so many things to do! cons: maps and mods are a hassel (ERIK and yes I put hassel just for the joke :3), copies sound affects from other games, building is pretty hard Now these are the facts people. I don't want you to say OMFG U R TEH MUST STUPIDEST PURSON EVAR ROBLOX, MINECRAFT, BLOCKLAND, SUCKS! If you say something like that then SCREW YOU! Anyways like I said these are the facts so shut up and deal with it! Also this stupid Minecraft vs roblox or roblox vs blockland nonsense is just stupid. People stop making these stupid videos about these things fighting. Besides you guys just have 3 out of MANY alike games. Here's the list: Minecraft, Roblox, Blockland, LEGO Universe. Terraia, Disney infinity, Garry's Mod, Sanctum, Sanctum 2, Robocraft, Unturned, and a few others. So how big should this battle be? Can't we all just agree that all of these games are good for that they actually do? Also to be honest with you I like all of these games. Yea even roblox. YES SEND CANNON BALLS, BURN MY HOUSE DOWN, KILL ME AND MY FAMILY JUST BECAUSE I LIKE A GAME! I would like you guys to check out Max's Minecraft vs Roblox the truth video. That covers part of many of this similar game war that has happened for years. Can't we all agree that blockland was the original then came roblox then came minecraft. THERE YOU HAPPY NOW!
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3rd Mc 2nd Bl 1st RBLX Mc: All you do is mine and craft  and lose all your stuff when you die. When you build something it doesn't look good. You just play to have stuff. Bl: Pretty much like RBLX, except it is not as customizeable. RBLX: Everyone who says it has bad gameplay hasn't played. You can have epic adventures like: Bloxing houses, RPGs, fighting as Pokémon or Digimon, and not at all as laggy. The community is actually good and you can make friends.
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Everybody who thinks roblox is not the best u r a liar go on it yourself dummo blockland and minecraft lose
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Did he say anything about Garry's Mod? No, he didn't. So don't say "gmod is better than all of them", comment your opinion on the games that he showed in the video.
As soon as you buy minecraft and blockland, you have freedom to do whatever you please. But roblox... load of s**t. You gotta pay over $100 for builders club? not gonna happen.
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I saw this video when it came out, I thought it was just a way to start fights, now since that's over time to share my thoughts. Note: I've played all three games and like each in it's own way. Roblox: This game isn't the best in the universe, but there are far worse games in existence. This game has a very restricted feeling, and it always seems to point out that other people/users have a better advantage (Builder Club or what ever you call it, etc) It's like a pay to play DLC. Minecraft: This game can be really fun for a long time, the gameplay/ possibilities are long lasting. Good gameplay mechanics and feedback from developers. Gives you a wide freedom feeling with an adventure spice to it. Excellent creativity, and artistic designs can be easily done (since the grid for blocks are set at a very high number). I do stop by to play this game more than Roblox that's for sure (personal preference). Blockland: I've play this game longer than both previous suggested titles. I'm not a crazy/nerdy fanboy (depending on your opinion, I don't care). This game is well built, and very fun, I enjoy every last bit of time I put into it. The community is almost shit, but just enough to redeem it's self each time. Large graphic changes have been included in the past major update causing to sacrifice graphics over gameplay which is a big strike for a development team, I look past this because they have better plans to replace this which can be seen/noticed. This game adds a lot of fun times and memories to relationships with friends, as do the others above. I personally like Minecraft and Blockland more than Roblox due to a few problems I had with the game and community (at the time I was lied to directly from the main page about the "user friendly" community, not a good name to live by) Blockland doesn't promises anything, thus they didn't brake you down unexpectedly, you are given warnings about the freedom the community has. Minecraft (to me) doesn't seem community based, hence why the first iterations of the game were singleplayer, I don't see much community involvement here but I do see feedback from developers and get to hear whats going on. Woah, glad I finally got that out. Been holding that one in for a very long time.
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