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Published on Jun 28, 2012

A Letter From ,PLEASE SEND LETTERS AND CARE PACKAGES TO OUR TROUPES....This would boost the moral of so many of our boys who are there alone, and needlessly so. YOU MAY FIND THE LINKS BELOW

Any moronic responses will be removed promptly! I really have no patience for idiots.

Any moronic responses will be removed promptly! I really have no patience for idiots.

Do me a favor... If you're going to leave a stupid comment... PLEASE... Leave your name, telephone number and address! There are a LOT of people here that will be very willing to pay you a NE-IA-SD visit.

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William Thompson
I am a viet nam vet this song hits home I had 2 sons in Iraq and lost my son in law last year but I still send letters from home  I did not get many but the ones I got meant so much to me.
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XxsniperElite 15
William Thompson Im 15 and I cry everyday I grieve for those who lost there lives while still thanking the good Lord that you and all of us are still alive my God be with you.
Black Knight4899
William Thompson thank you sir for your service I know most Vietnam veterans didn't get much respect but I do respect you and your service my uncle served in Iraq and once I get out of school I'm planning on joining the military again thank you for your service I prayers be with u
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Princess Luna
"It's not funny when a soldier cries." I know that all to well, a British soldier I was with got a letter from his girlfriend saying his dog he had when he was young died a few days ago, he was 4 when he got the dog, he was 22 when it died. He was so broken up over it. After talking a little I learned he was moving to Wisconsin to see his family and he wouldn't be to far from me. I told him when we both get back I will bring my dog to his house a couple times a month, seeing as my dog was a German Shepard as was his. And I held that promise, except he was KIA and he was buried at the cemetery near where he was moving, so at least once a month I take my dog, Crystal and go to his grave. Crystal must know because she'll lay right on top of it and nuzzle the ground. 
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Black Knight4899
Princess Luna wow that's something
+Princess Luna bless you for your kindness and caring
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Ricky Jackson
my son became a marine this morning 8/29/15 i'm so proud of you son
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Ricky Jackson I now know what you went through my friend,as my son left yesterday for Parris island...semper fidelis!
Caroline Vitello
Ricky Jackson Much Love & RESPECT!!!
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Dan Saint
I'm sitting in a coffee shop and I just heard this song for the first time in several years. And like a fool I am crying just like the first time I did when I heard the song what seems like it was yesterday. My son was a soldier in combat at the time. The song is so true to life as a soldier. Now, when I was a young paratrooper and scout platoon leader, I don't ever remember crying except maybe when he and his sister were born. It is a whole different experience as a father of a soldier than being a soldier. My son came home safe almost 10 years ago. He married a wonderful girl he met at the University of Michigan and is expecting his first daughter in January. hearing the song takes me back to the days my wife and I worried every night while he was in Iraq.
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Tanner Roth
+Jacob Kamphus sorry for your loss
Ben Aschenbrener
+Jacob Kamphus no. the bad guys did.
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Grant Harris
to all service members former or active I send love and respect to you thanks for what you do I am a Marine and have been there waiting on those letters so I know how it feels
THE Pharcyde
in bits op herik afghanistan my daughters regiment many tears
send address
I was a Marine in the 90's and did nothing worth talking about. Then I was a contractor in Iraq in 2005 on Fallujah. I saw first hand when the mail arrived and how absolutely important is was to the troops that they receive mail. It made me bawl then, and this song makes me bawl now. As stated in the description, PLEASE send random mail to a Soldier/Marine/Sailor/Airman. You have no idea what it would mean to the morale of one who gets no mail. God bless and may they all be home soon. Semper Fidelis to all my Brothers and Sisters still in harm's way. I love you all...
thanks for everything
Sierra Gibson
I'm a proud army wife. I send my husband letters every chance I get. I miss you baby. Come home safe to me...
Mickie Rp James
This song makes me want to cry <3  so sweet <3 Thank you for all you do guys you work hard to keep this country free.
Please write to them.  When I was in Vietnam the saddest thing was the look on some of the guys' faces when they didn't get mail at mail call.  They are not where they want to be and their life is hard and filled with fear.  Their anchor is you and they need to know you care and are thinking about them.  Those of us who got letters would share ours with them, but it's not the same.  I got letters from my Mom, Dad, and sisters, but my brother never wrote me once.  When I got home I asked him why.  He said that he was having tough times with his job and such.  I said, "Yeah, it must have been hell back here".  Today he and I are very close, but a part of me has never forgiven him for not writing me.  It doesn't take that long. Semper Fi
Venice Roberts
I'm active duty Army stationed overseas and with todays technology communicating with family is alot easier than it used to be. Yes phone calls are nice and there is nothing like hearing the voices of your family members but nothing beats a good ol' letter from home. Especially when you least expected. It gives you that extra motivation to keep pushing when you feel like you've given it all. So thank you to everyone that has taken the time to sit down and write a letter to a loved one or a dear friend. It really means alot. God Bless all of you.
Kamille Cheese
+dG Vinnythejet You're very brave and wonderful!! I couldn't do it. Thanks.
Wanda Fithen
+Venice Roberts (Vinnythejet5) Thank you Venice...God Bless you!!
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