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Mass Effect 3: All 3 Perfect Original Endings and Secret Ending





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Published on Mar 11, 2012

Now when I say perfect I don't mean that everyone survived, the mass relays weren't destroyed, and Shepard 100% lives. When I say perfect I mean that I had EVERYTHING maxed out and had ALL war assets the game provided (even the ones that can be missed). My galactic readiness was also at 100%. Lastly, I say 3 endings because the only base difference from these endings are simply who died or not. Not very different at all. So basically these are the 3 endings.

The stargazer (grandpa) and the child ARE THE NG+/SECRET/SURPRISE ending. Disappointing I know. Also, the Shepard lives part only appears when you choose the destroy ending and have over 5000 war assets.

The only things I noticed differently in these "100%" endings were Shepard and the Catalyst's dialogues. Again, disappointing I know. For those that care pay attention to my upcoming vid as I somewhat prove that these endings are simply hallucinations/or an indoctrination process.

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When I play the Mass Effect trilogy, I complete it my way, scene for scene up until the Illusive Man encounter. From there I stop playing, and leave the rest to my imagination. The console in front of Shepard activates The Crucible. He and Anderson observe as the Reapers implode, one by one into a red ray of light and into extinction. Hackett and the Fifth Fleet secure the Citadel and rescue Shepard and David. Anderson finally marries Kahlee Sanders and they move into their apartment on the Silversun Strip. Shepard and Tali (my usual romance) live on the Normandy with Joker and EDI traveling around the galaxy under the stars, taking trips back and forth. From Earth to Rannoch, Palaven to Thessia, and onto the Citadel.   The Council races of the galaxy unite together as a single people like the Protheans, eventually recruiting other races into their empire. The Krogans entered a golden age renaissance and were given colonisation rights to house their large population after the curing of the genophage. The Rachni were allowed to return to their original system and live in solitude. The Quarians and Geth peacefully co-existed on Rannoch, helping each other to make it a home for both. The Normandy crew eventually separated to live their lives and everyone lived happily ever after.
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niki cabral
Too much "happiness". I think Mass Effect has a dark atmosphere, it wouldn't fit if it had a happy ending. But then again, that's your imagination and you have the right to imagine like that
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When shepherd chooses the control ending: Shepherd: Hey Harbinger! I guess you could say i'm..... Harbinger: Don't you fucking say it i swear to god Shepherd: ASSUMING DIRECT CONTROL Harbinger: ......
Mike Scalia
this is hilarious lolololol
Cry Rose
+daddyfatsack is it sad that my Shepherd would probably say that
Why so many people hated the ending of this game? I really liked it and I almost cried. Why the hate?
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Chico Papass r
I guess because after the ending Shepard dies, every choice you make results in a game over. Not to mention all the armies and the civilizations you unite against the reapers are all pointless, it doesn't matter if you complete all the side missions or not. Though I personally could not complain, it was a nice ending. A very good climax to the story, it would be nice to have an ending where you can destroy the reapers and the main character is still alive or something.
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While I have come up with an explanation of of the Catalyst, it still does not give a proper reason for the non-satisfying endings. So forget about the endings for now. I think that the whole Reaper case is just a symbolism. Whatever happened after Shepard gets knocked unconscious is a symbolic summary of what happens next, not an actual representation of the events (because they did not take place as seen.) You could say that Shepard indeed goes to the Citadel, kills the Illusive Man, open the arms, sees Anderson die, and end the Harvest. But it does not happen as we see it in the endgame. The endgame is a symbolic representation of Sherpard's actions. Now let's explain my theory. Let's start in chronological order with ME1. Sovereign: the most important thing that I find that Sovereign states is We are each a nation, independent, free of all weaknesses. I'll link this with some more stuff later. I can say though that there is a literal and a figurative meaning to this statement. Since Harbinger pretty much repeats Sovereign in ME2, I'm not really covering that up.  EDI and the Geth also play a major role here. Leviathan was the Apex Species that indirectly created the Reapers. As the rulers of the Galaxy, they watched over the lesser species, keeping them in their thrall, yet also caring for them. As these lesser species advanced over the millennia, the Leviathans saw that their minions tried to advance with the use of cybernetics and machines. But every time the AI reached a certain level of understanding, it rebelled and turned against its creator. Leviathan did not want this. It looked for a solution to prevent the machines from destroying the organics.  In turn, the Leviathans created a Super AI that was to observe the lesser species and look for a solution. Leviathan uses these words to explain that: To solve this problem, we created an intelligence with the mandate to preserve life at any cost. As the intelligence evolved, it studied the development of civilizations. Its understanding grew until it found a solution. In that instant it betrayed us. Leviathan also uses these interesting phrases:  None have possessed the strength in past cycles. Your own species could be destroyed with a single thought. Tribute does not flow from a dead race. It was no mistake. It still serves its purpose. To find a solution, it required information -- physical data drawn from life in the cosmos. These are the quotes from the Leviathan I'll be using. Now I'll go into the Catalyst, but for some reasons that will be clear to you in the end, I'll refer to it as Starchild.  So, before we go into this, remember that everything happening here is a symbolic representation of Shepard's actions (that happen off-screen). This is in some way similar to the IT as it claims this to be a dream. It is not a dream, as it really happened, it is just shown differently. A different perspective, same outcome. Reasons for this are the voice and figure of the Starchild and the symbolic meaning of the Reaper Harvest. The latter one I will now explain. When the Starchild wakes you up, you ask immediately how to stop the Reapers. Starchild answers that it can perhaps help Shepard, as they are its solution. I control the Reapers. They are my solution. I'll make something clear now, the solution the Starchild refers is not the same solution Leviathan mentioned. To put it in short: It talked about its solution to the solution. A solution (synonym: a pathway, a way to get something) to the solution (to prevent machines from wiping out organic life). If you still don't get it: The Reapers are a way to finding a solution to prevent machines from wiping out organic life. The reason why I think this is the case is because Leviathan said that the Intelligence needed information -- physical data drawn from life in the cosmos, in order to find a solution. If you compare this quote from Leviathan to the other one: To solve this problem, we created an intelligence with the mandate to preserve life at any cost. I think the Intelligence made the correlation between life and information. The Intelligence was supposed to preserve all life in the Galaxy. And Leviathan later said that the Intelligence required information. Information is data drawn from life in the cosmos. In short, the Intelligence correlated life with information. So it was still doing its job by preserving all information in the Galaxy. So from a certain point of view life is preserved though knowledge. The Reapers use the Harvests to find a solution. The Citadel and Relay Network was created to force the civilizations to evolve along the path the Starchild desired. In this way, it could Harvest all life (AKA knowledge) every 50,000 years. The knowledge that was harvested by the Reapers is then used to find a solution for the inevitable conflict between Synthetics and Organics. Now to find out if the Reapers did indeed find a solution, we'll have to ask Sovereign.  We are each a nation, independent, free of all weaknesses. Its literal meaning is that the Reapers each represent a nation (cycle), independent (free of will) and free of weaknesses (immortal, invincible). If we try to look for a figurative meaning, I come up with this: Each Reaper represents a nation, which could mean that each Reaper is an individual. They have a mind of their own. They are, in fact, a fully evolved AI. Or what Shepard would say: You can say what you want, Admiral. That thing is alive. Shepard said this when Legion showed a visual representation of Geth intelligence with Reaper code. So I added some more proof. So, the Reapers are each a different living being. A personality of its own. It can reason, it can think, it is a fully evolved AI.  We are each independent. The Reapers do not need to be in close proximity to each other like the Geth to function more properly. Each Reaper has ultimate knowledge and does not depend on other AI's to bolster its overall knowledge. We are each free of weaknesses. This is a difficult one. I think that the weaknesses here mentioned are not physical weaknesses, but rather social weaknesses. The weakness of all other Synthetics is that they rebel against their creators. The Reapers are free of this weakness. Just as is shown by both EDI and the Geth. Both the Geth and EDI do not rebel against their creators. They seek for a better future and a full understanding of Organic nature. They do not seek to surpass their creators. So, with this I just gave my theory the foundation it required. With this, I can say that my theory supports the fact that the Reapers already have found the solution. The Reapers already have got a solution to end conflict between Synthetics and Organics. But the Reapers themselves are not living up to it. This means that the Reapers only looked for the solution. They were not created to employ this solution upon the Galaxy, and for good reason. So, even though the Reapers have found the solution they were looking for, they still serve a purpose. Their purpose is to select a cycle that is worthy of the solution. As the Reapers are seen as an invincible race of sapient species, and as Leviathan said that Your species can be destroyed by a single thought, I think the Reapers are testing each cycle.  This is more like a prophecy. They have the solution for everlasting peace between Synthetic and Organic life, but they just don't freely give it to the Galaxy. The civilization must prove itself in order to receive that gift. Shepard is the one that proved himself. Shepard proved that this cycle is worthy of the solution. Shepard united all the different species of the Galaxy. The Geth and Quarians are united. The Quarians are widely accepted in the Galaxy. The Krogan are accepted in the Galaxy. The various mercenary armies have bonded together. The Batarians and Vorcha are now united with races they once claimed their enemies. All races united, Synthetic and Organic. You have hope, more than you think. The fact that you're standing here, the first organic ever, proves it. These were the criteria. Shepard united all the races of the Galaxy, built the crucible, and managed to board the Citadel during the Harvest for the first time ever.  It is like a prophecy from Star Wars. Shepard did the unthinkable of uniting all races. Shepard put faith against seemingly impossible odds by building the Crucible. Shepard pushed on against all odds by boarding the Citadel during the Harvest. All the pieces of the puzzle fall together. The Reapers were to look for a solution, which they could only find by harvesting all knowledge in the Galaxy every 50,000 years. Ever since a certain cycle, the Reapers have found the solution, yet do not employ it. The Reapers then continue the Harvests until a cycle is found that is deemed worthy of the solution. And in the end, I have only one more thing to say. Remember that the Starchild speaks in the voice of both Maleshep and Femshep? Well, here's it: Shepard is the Catalyst.
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Chell Johnson
+Guy Praeter I laughed so hard at this. Probably because It's logical.
unsigned int
+KonguZya There's only one explanation: Illusive Man runs EA.
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Mikkel R.
Dude... Even after third playthrough of the trilogy, i still cry like a baby. So fucking emotional!
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Anjali Uberbeater
same here :/ the music just hurts even though its a video game haha i just finished the triology again and took the neutral ending and still loved it !! i get so sucked up in these kind of games its not natural xD
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Nefarias Bredd
So... am I the only one who's slightly disturbed by the implications that all of the games were a bed time story for a little kid? Renegade Shep's freaky sexy time with Jack? David Archer's horrifying cyber-crucifiction? The utter horror that the Thorian was? Kelly Chambers GETTING FUCKING FLAYED ALIVE on the Collector Base? The Reapers killing people by the planetload? Yeah, cool story there, grandpa, definitely child friendly material.
The Joeggernaut
I destroyed the Reapers, and I have no regrets. When I set out on this mission I had one goal: Destroy the Reapers and ensure no one can ever use them again. Will they be used again? ...Probably, but at least I made it out alive so I can fight for what I believe in again and defend this galaxy from whatever force that comes to do it harm once more. You're gonna need a bigger army of Reapers than THAT to kill the Shepard, baby! Leave the lights on, Tali. I'm coming home!... as soon as I can find the nearest hospital to fix all these broken bones.
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+rachsarn ev did you know shepherd body also some of it synthetic??
Qas Perr
+Daniel Parvis Nope He lived.
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Grundy Peebo
The stargazer is seriously the secret ending? I thought that's what was generally supposed to happen?
Gui V
"I heard you don't want to be killed by organics, so i created a race to kill you every 50,000 years". wat?
yeah man its really a big *Mind Fuck!
Weez3h GE
When he say one more story, that must be about Mass Effect 4. Im looking forward to it =D
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no lol the more story part isnt about me4 its about new game+
Me4 was comfirmed to leave shepard behind and start fresh 😩
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