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Published on Sep 21, 2012

GameSpot's Jonathan Toyad talks to the lead developers of the upcoming PS3 FPS about its console exclusivity, microtransaction plans, and e-sports potential.

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Comments • 314

To bad i cant download sony forces you to do long updates same for other games that eat up all your GB's but even though i have enough space still says i dont 
time will tell :D in any case, there is always McDonald's burgers and Gourmet Burger shops :D McDonald's makes the money... but can't say I appreciate them like i appreciate the Gourmet :D
Ok, so you say that xbox has bigger online community... Kinda no sense, cause ps3 is online free. Its really confusing.
Seeking an answer with out the question
Well that I can agree on with you. :D We clearly cant agree on dust so how about we agree to disagree?
Seeking an answer with out the question
"Nowadays it makes no sense to charge subscription unless you're WoW" or EvE :P....sorry I cant seem to stop replying I'm on an role or something.... Got to stop drinking coffee before going to sleep also wow was not the game who set the sub trend....blame Ultima Online for that, at the time it was basically the only way for an mmo to make a profit in the western markets and made sense at the time...but now everything is free to play or it will go free to play after 6 months :D
Seeking an answer with out the question
Yes they "bombed" but only in what a mmo was aiming for,SWOTOR was/is successful and maintains enough subs to be profitable and worth keeping up but still they decided to go the F2P way because its a trend right now. In free to play games there are only a small percentage who pay and a big load who don't and in return you get like 700k people playing for free but only 50k or more paying and those people often spend much more then 15 bucks a month, some games like LoL its a good way others not.
Seeking an answer with out the question
:D Maybe so... dust is F2P also the thing about finding some one to play with in an online game maybe it is because you live in whatever country you live in but here its not that big of a problem...if the majority of gamer from your country buy an Xbox then of course people will be more active on that platform rather then the other....just a thought PS3 has 60 million active people playing around the world so I guess some percentage of that will try a free game, we will see.
Seeking an answer with out the question
They originally said that it would be profitable with 300k subscribers but for some reason they still fired people when they had 500k subs and thought of ways to make it more profitable...free to play is great for some games but for others its makes more sense to do a sub game or a hybrid...free to play yes is a good way of making money and makes more sense today but people need to realize that F2P is not the only way of making money of your game...city of heroes is a better example.
Seeking an answer with out the question
failure, eve online as it was when it came out was not popular and under any publisher at that time would have died and many people would have lost there jobs...ccp games CAN be considered an indy dev and that eve was just an exception to the rule but if you look at gameplay footage from the beta of eve online and compair it to the eve now then honestly a lot has changed from the 9 years eve has been alive, believe me or not but eve is the exception to the rule and so is ccp and hopefully dust..
Seeking an answer with out the question
Ok but take for example SW: The Old Repuplic ....it wasn't failing it just didn't live up to what EA wanted and so they tried making it more casual(?) they laid of people, the went free to play...my point is that often companies just abandon games because they just weren't that profitable. Yes if the game makes a profit then its an success and for many other companies it would also be considered a success but for many other or for that matter under a puplishers dust is a.... continuing 
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