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Published on Apr 27, 2012

Here are 6 yoga poses for strong legs. Practicing these postures on a regular basis will improve your leg strength and flexibility. You can also add muscular definition to your lower body over time. Be sure to hold each pose for at least 30 seconds, increasing to a minute as you progress for best results.

Garland Pose
Garland Pose provides a wonderful stretch to the back of the lower legs and strengthens the ankles. These areas are often neglected, but need to be strengthened to help prevent future aches and pains and injuries. This squatting pose also keeps your joints well 'oiled' for long-term use. Be sure to hold this pose for at least 30 seconds to a minute for best results.

Standing Forward Bend --
Standing forward bend stretches and lengthens your legs, thighs and spine. It stretches your hamstrings, calves and hips keeping them strong and lean. While bending forward there is improved circulation, as fresh blood and nutrients are moving down to the brain. It is important to keep length in the spine and to stay grounded with equal weight on both feet to benefit the most.

Downward Dog --
Downward dog creates great sensations within the body, from your toes up to your hips, and down to your fingertips. It is an excellent pose for stretching and strengthening your body, as well as rejuvenating your mind and spirit. Downward dog stretches your hamstrings and calves while creating balance throughout your entire body.

Pigeon Pose --
Pigeon pose is a wonderful hip stretch, that also stretches the muscles of the knee in the leading leg, and your quadratus femur, which is the big muscle that is behind your hip. The hip area is storage depot for stress, anxiety, traumas and fear. People suffering from any of those feelings should make it a regular habit of stretching the hips. It is a primal reaction to store those feelings in the hip area and create unbelievable tightness and resistance in that area. The longer you stay in this pose, the more your hips will start to open and relax.

Pigeon pose is critical for athletes. Having more open and strong hips is the equation for power, increased power means increased speed. The more range of motion you have in your hip joints, the better your speed. Keeping your knees healthy, flexible and strong can also prevent and minimize knee injuries. Try to hold Pigeon Pose for as long as you can for best results.

High Lunge -
High Lunge stretches your groin and legs, lengthens your spine, and strengthens your lower body. It improves flexibility of your hip flexors and foot muscles. It's important to keep your hips square to the front, front thigh parallel to the ground, and have equal weight on both feet. High Lunge is one of the best poses to strengthen your legs; so the longer you stay in the pose, the stronger your legs will become. You can gain a lot of benefits practicing this pose, especially if you're an athlete, as you're increasing strength, mobility and flexibility, you also can prevent any injuries.

Reclined Hero Pose -
Reclined hero pose is quite advanced for most beginners, but with practice you can gradually encourage your body to go deeper into the pose. This pose stretches your thighs, groin, abdomen, knees and ankles. The positioning of your knees is important in this posture. Your thighs and knees should remain parallel. If you allow your knees to splay out to the sides, then this strains the muscles of your lower back and can cause hip pain. If you have trouble moving into this pose, you can add a folded blanket under your knees to help with alignment. Stay in reclined hero pose for as long as you feel comfortable, up to 5 minutes.

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