Give My Heart a Break! - Chapter 7... (63)





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Published on Sep 15, 2012

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I grip his shoulders, screaming out for him. The pain and pleasure mixed as he eased out of me and then slammed once more. I screamed again, digging my nails into his back and dragging them down. He groaned, filling me in again. "Are you ok?" He asked.

I nodded, "I like it hard." I moaned, pulling him down on me. "Again!" I smiled.

Andy matched my smile and lifted before slamming down harder. My nails dug deeper and he groaned even louder. His hand pulled my hips up to him and began to thrust harder and faster, drawing out my loud screams of pure pleasure. "How is it? Are you sure it's ok?"

I was to breathless and high on lust to even reply. The tightening of my hands around his hips and the rush of my breath should be answering enough as to how it is. And if that wasn't enough for him to know, I turned us over, directing him back inside of me and holding both hands opened palmed on his chest. Resting them on his hard and solid surface, I squeezed his skin with each drop. Andy leaned his head back, moving me on him and rotating his hips to mine. With every rotation, the beads rubbed a different part inside. I ground on him, massaging myself and screaming in pleasure. My nails dug into his chest, feeling his tensed hold below me. I had him balls deep into me, hitting deeply inside where I don't think anyone has ever been. He was big for my small entrance, but I stretched and took him in perfectly.

Turning us over once more, he withdrew his cock and gently teased my clit with the lower bead until my muscles went lax under him. He then impaled, thrust harder, deeper, faster and making me stretch further by taking the broadest part of him. "So fucking wet." He growled, pulling out and sliding back in effortlessly. The pure lust of our movements lifted me to a place I've never been before. "I'm going to come so hard in you. I can feel it." He lifted my hips to meet his. "You're going to feel all of me." I was aroused to no end. His words, the deep desire of his words was making me soar.

"Fuck, keep talking." I pounded up higher to meet him with more force.

He laughed hoarsely. "You feel so fucking good, Demetria." His movements increased with every word. "So tight and wet. I can literally slide in and out with your slick path alone." Andy rounded his hips and another scream came from me. Our movements were messy and sloppy, feeling the heat of it all drive us. I tightened my hold on his arms as he lifted me to him. He sat back on his legs, cradling me on his lap as he continued to push up against me. "Fucckkk!" He cried out.

I moved rapidly down on him and then up, circling back and forth. He held me to him as he sat back and I wrapped my arms around his neck, pushing up by me knees on either side of him. I was wrapped so tightly around his cock, I never wanted to let go. My muscles were stretching and shaking violently inside and I knew the vibration of it all pleased him.

Andy squeezed my thighs, lifting me up and slamming me down. I screamed, feeling myself near once more, only this time, I finally releasing with a loud, echoing cry for him. I bit down on his shoulder as my climax continued, feeling like I would never come down. He reached between us and patted my throbbing clit then rubbed with the pad of his thumb. His hips rocked steadily and then tilted his head back as I felt his spurting liquid hit heavenly inside of me. The growling noise in the back of his throat escalated as I softly moved my hips with his and tensed, clenching him tightly while milking all I could from him. The heating path in me felt delicious. My hand gripped his hair as he thrust a bit harder once more and then again. After his ending release, he didn't stop. He pushed me back on the bed and continued to dig in. I could feel him thickening inside of me again, his length restoring and balls pounding.

"You're not human." I mumbled breathless. He laughed, brushing my hair from my face. The intensity of his eyes carried me further and already building me up again. "Fuck me!" I said senseless. "Hard!"

He nodded, drilling hard and fast. "Absolutely!"

My hand remained holding on to the back of his head and I pulled him down to me, kissing him feverishly. His cock rammed in deeper, caressing me against every wall, reaching the farthest back and hitting that place that made my whole insides collapse and unraveled yet another orgasm. Yet, he continued, never stopping as we entered further into the night.

Joe said he doesn't want to know about what she does. So will she respect that, or will her conscious win and tell him that she spent the night with Andy?

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