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Published on Jul 24, 2007

In the scene, Travis Bickle (De Niro) is looking into a mirror at himself, imagining a confrontation which would give him a chance to draw his gun. I believe that scene was improvised by De Niro...

He says the following line:

"You talkin' to me? You talkin' to me? You talkin' to me? Then who the hell else are you talkin' to? You talkin' to me? Well I'm the only one here. Who the fuck do you think you're talking to?"

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Probably the reason we all love this film is because we all have felt like Travis.
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Yes, If we all were right winged extremists willing to clean the streets of every person you think is a criminal. First, pimps, after that, anybody you consider is a scum. This caracter is a psycho, brilliantly portrayed by De Niro, but by no means is a role model. His punk neo nazi hair court at the end is a signature of the people this movie pretends to show, and incredibly at the end he is glorified as a hero.
Ser Stormcrow
Yes, and it's something I think men mostly go through. It's unfortunately a film only men can understand.
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i've tried to recreate this scene in front of the mirror ...then my mom saw me ...almost i've got myself an appointment to the psychologist
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Pina ColadaTV
AnderssonArad lol! white people! psychologist are expensive and useless! I have bipolar and talk to my self!! lol
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Gertom Oberstep
This is me in front of the mirror whenever I go to the bathroom.
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+Gertom Oberstep this is all of us in front of the mirror not just you man
+Gertom Oberstep you are welcome 
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I imitate this scene every time a man ogles me when I'm wearing a short skirt.
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Celine Murillo
Well, the "you're talking to me " scene amounts to showing one's dick to a person who is ogling you, or calling at you. UncertainJesus, I suggest you enact your bars and nuts fantasy instead of writing agressive posts.
I hope that you grew as a person within this year. If some dude leers at you in what I call "rape face" and the song "hungry eyes" begins playing, then I'm sorry losers enjoy your looks like any other male would. If a normal, decent man finds you attractive and gives your body a peek, he is indecent as well? How about in the bar after a couple of cocktails, and he flexes nuts about his lifting routine? You'd sleep with him out of confidence alone, and his build would probably be pathetic, he's still curling 20's. Real men don't flex nuts because we know that we have a pair, and real men most likely don't pay attention to you because of your sense of entitlement and disgust at a basic compliment. #uronlyfunifyouredrunk #lifeisrealserioue #ionlyfuckguysthatareunabletopaychildsupport
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duck dong
if you are under the age of 30 chances are you might not enjoy this movie because there are no explosions, or cgi, no vampires who are romantic, is not made by marvel, kevin hart is not in it, ect.....
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Anjier Ekitakk
dude i am 18 and i loved this film
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Mehdi Mjidila
OMG he looks like Lionel Messi 
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Potassium Cyanide
Pedro Loopz
CJ Ramone vs Travis Bickle... who will be the new Messi?
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Am I talkin' to me?
if yes,then you should get that checked
Every school shooter ever.
Listen you fuckers
Luis García
So overrated. 
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Alekhya Das
Twilight fan!
Let me buy another weapon and get back to you on that one
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