6/3/2012 -- 6.6M earthquake strikes Panama -- cursory global overview





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Published on Jun 3, 2012

website post with the earthquake statistics , screenshots of the data, and multiple earthquake / volcano monitoring links to use:


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There was a 6.0 in New Ginea today or yesterday.
Christian Vidauri
I think one struck california right now but it wasnt that bad
I know NASA has at least one of their machines in New Mexico (as of a decade ago) and it DEFINITELY sounds like a loud ass plane. THe cloud machine literally mixes HUUGE amounts of hydrogen & oxygen (plus whatever spices they'd like to put in the atmosphere) and force them into gas clouds, which literally rain. I haven't seen a supercell come out of them, but they can definitely put water on the ground whenever they want. I dunno about 'needing' more clouds though
Bruce Tedeschi
How do you get that world view with rings?
6.6 ! Volcanos ! Its Comming , NIBIRUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU
Awhile back I saw a couple of videos with loud noises in colorado. Not the same as the ones around the world. It sounded like planes flying over, but no planes. What is the cloud machine supposed to do? They need more clouds?
I'm Not Just a Useless Eater
Thanks. Hope to find it.
DUTCHSINSE YOU NEED TO READ THIS: THE 'STEAM' PLUMES COULD BE NASA'S 'CLOUD MACHINES' so----!!! I suggest finding a way to see if people in that area are complaining of 'loud noises coming from the sky' because NASA's cloud machine is LOUD AS HELL...so there should be witnesses if this is correct. They WOULD be smart and put it next to a caldera just in case smart people like you notice on satellite, there will be a scapegoat in the area. Just sayin
Chris Ashby
hey dutch, im in nw louisiana, its 1am and we have constant lightning, BIG lightning, windy conditions, but no thunder or rain yet. i'll letcha know if anything worse comes of it.
old guy
movies 2k dot to

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