The Georgia Guidestones - The Answers - Part 3 of 3





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Uploaded on Nov 16, 2008

For 29 years the Georgia Guidestones in Elberton, Georgia USA have remained a mystery. Nobody knows who erected them, although the Guidestones have a name engraved into them saying:

"R.C. Christian
(A Pseudonyn)".

Which makes people believe that R.C. Christian is a false name. It is not a false name, infact you have to watch the video to understand why is it NOT a false name.

This is the greatest discovery in the battle against the "New World Order". Finally I have exposed them, finally humanity can now point the finger on the people that erected these stones of death and destruction.

I made the video @ 3am on November 13th 2008, I am only uploading it now; 16th November 2008. I have spent 3 days with only 10 hours sleep constantly working on this video/documentary. After all this hard work, I HAVE to state that I discovered this and I am the ONLY one who was able to LINK ALL the CONNECTIONS as to WHY it is, and HOW it is. So if you see it on mainstream media, you will know that it was me who discovered it. I am saying this not out of ego-mania but because we all know what mainstream media is like and people who claim discoveries and they where not the ones who did.

There is a lot of reading involved, but knowledge is the key to revealing the truth. Any intellect won't mind the vast amount of information within the video. Actually, I had to delete a lot of the information and that is explained at the end, no matter what the mystery is SOLVED!

I am going to contact several media groups and probably a television broadcasting company to do a documentary on the Georgian Guidestones.

This is only my 3rd video that I have ever made in my life, a very special one too.

For your information Michael Tsarion is NOT a Rosicrucian, so please try not to use my video as debunking material against Tsarion...all I did was read his books and listened to all his lectures.

Please excuse a few misspelled words within the video, I was seriously tired and hardly slept; don't worry you can still understand it.

Thanks for watching!
Spread the truth!
Expose Chemtrails!
And try your best to expose the New World Order for what they really are!

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