The Great Head Shaving!





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Published on Oct 27, 2008

On January 14, 2008 I shaved my head because I bet that the cowboys would go to the super bowl and well i lost! So here is the video from that

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They take bets way to seriously. 
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Strawberry Ice
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Dude shit got awkward soo fast.
im sure she still had a nice thick bush.
Bert sanchez
BooRadley3400 : I'd hit it lol
Fake friends. 
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Adam Bomb
The girl took on the bet knowing this one simple thing would happen, also knowing that, since they're all family, they probably wouldn't have made her do it if she decided she didn't want to after all. By the way, it's just hair, this shit grows out of your body on its own. Or you could even buy yourself a whole wardrobe of new hair styles and colors, cause people do that too. 
Frank the Fucktard
theyre cousins, not friends.
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It's fucking hair people! Why is everyone so disturbed?
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Venom Stains
+L Roche shouldn't have bet then, you fucking fag.
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i can fap to this.
j karnes
bruh....no chill.
Who actually goes ahead with bets? 
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Sadie Courtney
+hihipieinthesky um loyal people you arent jerks
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Dagger 323
Holy shit, what a freaking crybaby. She makes a stupid bet to begin with, never taking into account the consequences if she actually lost (which you always do before making a bet of any kind. Number 1 rule). She didn't even have to go through with it if she didn't want to, yet she chose to do it anyway, and then she sits there and sobs about it like she's some sort of victim. Girl, I'm sorry, but as the old saying goes: you made your bed, now lie in it.
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Sarah Harvey
+Mykaela Sanchez i actually agree with him I mean i feel sorry for her but she did make a bet, if it was me i would shave a patch of my head but hair grows back.
Dagger 323
+Zirnon247 The point is that she didn't even have to make the commitment. She wasn't being held to anything. The whole concept of this is just ridiculously pathetic to me...
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Jumbly Whatsits
You've got some pretty shit friends to actually make you go through with that and laugh and record the whole thing
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Mason Smith
should we shave off all the hair of the Killary supporters that lost their bet when they found out Trump is now their president? lmao
Nicole Bosley
Jalyn Nonetheless. ..shitty
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oh for fucks sake, no one had a gun to ur fkin head, if u didn't wanna do it then don't, but why sit there and cry, either man up, well...woman up, or don't make stupid bets u don't wanna keep
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Jennie Cat
READ!! "..no one had a gun to ur fkin head, if u didn't wanna do it then don't..": IT WAS HER OWN CHOICE TO GO THROUGH WITH IT!!! Damn..!
Alison Nicole
If you freakin knew what hair is to a woman you would be crying too. Shut the hell up next time gosh!
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