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Published on Mar 15, 2012

Necrony (1993)

With a scalpel I scrutinize this stiff, decayed body, smiling as I firmly begin my morbid pathology
Safely I practise my advanced necromancy, I amputate the limbs with sick malignancy
The corpse is now drained, prolonged, torn and maimed, obdurated skin remains
Clinically eviscerated, grimly excavated, extremely emaciated
A cavernous carrion emptied on the floor, the purulent intestines my fingers explore
The human insides is a lovely sight, the cleaning will be a pure delight
I revel... I sever
I scrub the spine, the ulcerated offal I grind, the ribs I percuss, bones resolute in pus
Impaling the inner-core, releasing stale brown gore, obscene and pernicious, the fetid spume is delicious
Semi-purulent separated strips, septic sanies on my fingertips, maiming with utter perfection, I'm obsessed by putrefaction
I remove the ragged corpse from my shining steelbed, I get a kick out of destroying the dead
I've scooped out the flesh and slit the brain, a clean empty shell is all that remain
Rigid corpse in body-bags, ruptured remains in doggy-bags, I love the smell of infection, I'm abscessed by putrefaction

Your teratogenic stomach reacts, due to uninhibited feasts in fat food,
Reversed dysphagia as a sputum obstructs - a gastric flood
Don't you feel the distomum crawl in your supperating bowel mess ?
As you tremble in fear, you will end up totally defleshed...
Your intestines turned to grume, maturing as you consume, acid burns your guts, septic rotten fats
The stomach will expand, as the sickness take command, swollen and obese, suffering the disease...
Distension... dissemination... disposition... dissolution
Overdose of fat, a corpulent attack, pyogenic corrosion, fetid bowel distortion
Exorbitant increasing, horrid displeasing, grown into a size, abnormal and unnice...
Abnormal limottis have brung distention, your belly is swelling, shakes with tension
A crack in your navel, out drips septic, a wobbling clump of jelly-flesh, you are the dispeptic
A corpulence discharge is effervescing in your bowels, you can feel it too as the eructations tastes sour
You are agonizing in pain due to very extreme gripes, worm really think that your stomach is ripe...
Gastrorrhexis... your achylous belly flatulates and ruptures...
Gastroxynsis... your gastric juice the vomit exposures...
Gastronomy... the art of eating changed into revulsion...
Gastrotomy... as your stomach is revealed in a final divulsion...
Loud gargouillement, and disembowelment, scattered gastric pieces, the bowels now unleashes
Entrails all around, rancid and brown, you're totally spread, do you know why you're dead ?

Rampant gastralgi, immoderdefeating pain, purulent eructations, inner excavations
Botriocephalus latus, dwelling in your nasum, little worms using proboscis to suck out the pyosis
Skin stretched by drancontiasis, putrefying your pulmondlis, tape-worm burns your rectum, pultiformed rectal sputom
Trichocephalusdispar infest your insides, tormina, gastrodyni as squirming worms dines
Eravenous bradyphagia, munch and devour, disembcumbered innards, erancoransly swallowed
Maggots excenterate, drowned in septic exudate, vermicular creatures, feasting on your features
Rostellums from taenia, brings nephralgia, navicular itching vermis, irritates your epidermis
Over and over, your flesh is nibbled by gangrene worms... they try to clean out your insides...
Again and again, you feel the slimy bastards squirm... as they bath in your putrid chyme...
Over and over, you're mangled by a swarming caress... of a thousand flies who eviscerates you...
Again and again, the maggots devours your visceral mess... the subcrepitating sound makes you spew...
Tortous and growelling inner extirpation, abrasive and corrosive worm expermintation
Gluttonous torrent worms, bestial infiltration, strangyloidiasis - a creeping eruption...
The squirming worms, tumble and turns, sickness growing, maggots swarming
Tortous and growelling inner extirpation, abrasive and corrosive worm expermintation
Gluttonous torrent worms, bestial infiltration, strangyloidiasis - a creeping eruption...

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