Spiritual Coaching in San Diego: The Tao Way, Living a Life According to the Tao





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Published on Apr 9, 2013

Spiritual Coaching in San Diego: The Tao Way, Living a Life According to the Tao
Available at Amazon: http://amzn.to/YKxJhD

Perhaps you live in a big city, where you are under extreme stress. Your daily life is just a blur. From the time you wake in the morning to finally getting to bed, you are constantly on the go.

You feel that if only you had that little bit of extra time, you could get ahead. But that time never seems to materialize. You are stuck in this never ending cycle that never seems to end.

Bestselling author and spiritual coach, Art Saborio provides a step by step approach that can change your life starting today. Positive change can happen with the right desire and guidance.

This book helps you dive deep into yourself where your passions exist. One big reason many people are unhappy in this life has to do with living a life that is void of passion. They work in a job they hate, they live a life they would rather not live and they constantly complain about not having the life they want.

"Align yourself with your passions and everything else will fall into place."

When a person is not aligned, they attract more of the day in and day out chaos. Have you ever noticed when you focus heavily on something that you get more of it? The same is happening when a person focuses heavily on how terrible their life is. This person does not give themselves a chance to make things better.

Instead of focusing on the entire negative aspects of their life, they should be focusing on what they are passionate about. Let's say a person loves to walk. Yet they find no time to do it and it really makes them angry when they no longer have time to take long daily walks. If all this person does is focus on not having time, then time they will not have. Little things will always pop up sucking up that little bit of precious time they chase after.

Instead, this person needs to stop the chase. The more they chase what they want, the further away it will be.

Let's say this person stops focusing on not having enough time and starts to humor themselves by scheduling in a walk in the middle of the day. They jot it down in a planner.

This person then focuses on meeting themselves for a walk. The first time the walk may last five minutes, but the walk did happen. Some days the walks will be longer and others will be shorter, but what is happening here is a powerful shift.

Instead of this person focusing on not having the time to walk, they are now focusing on their passions and excited to get to that part of the day when they can walk. Soon something extraordinary will happen, since this person is living closer to their passions, they will start to attract more of the same and other aspects of their life will change as well.

This can happen for anything in a person's life. Walking was just an example. In the book, you will learn so much more on how to change your life through small simple changes that you will hardly feel at first, but over a few weeks will explode into something beyond your expectations.

If your life is consumed with stress, worry and a lack of fulfillment, then the pages in this book may well be what you are looking for to increasing your happiness, eliminate stress and create an overflow of abundance.

The words in this book are truly powerful. Use them as your guide to creating peace and calm in your life. For those who are well into their spiritual journey, this book can support you along the way.

Grab your copy here: http://amzn.to/YKxJhD


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