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Published on Apr 5, 2011

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◘ Beginner Basics & Knots: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list...
Material: Six Stranded Embroidery Floss

◘ More Detailed Alphabet Bracelet Tutorial:
How To Make Letters, Pictures and Numbers

Basic Name Pattern Generator:
Treat it just like a grid. Count the dots and that is where you make your knots.

MATERIAL: Six Stranded Embroidery Floss (DMC BRAND)

Letters can be done from BOTH angles- either way is fine!

Remember, these aren't "letters" so much as they are pictures. You just need to follow the grid. It's VERY LITERAL and there is no "magic" or deceit involved. If you see 10 boxes across then you have 10 base strings. If you want to flip the grid and it has 12 boxes well then you have 12 base strings.

1 box = 1 string
10 boxes = 10 strings

Number of Boxes = Number of Strings
+ one string for the foreground/weaving string.

■ LENGTHS- The strings should be about 35 inches for the base strings
(65 if you're folding the base strings in half) and the knotting thread should be as long as possible- Whatever length that you can work with without it being "too long" is fine because it is likely that you will need to add in more strings.


■ Explaining How To Read The Grid Patterns:
■ How To Make The Letters & Pictures:
■ How To Make The Multi-Color Alpha:
■ Picture Guide To Alpha Patterns:
Check the Sub-Albums in the lower right for the letters, numbers & images

The method of making a "G" is the same as the method of making an "S" or a "K" a smiley face or the number 3. All of the grid patterns are knotted in the same way- hold the pattern horizontally for letters that run across the bracelet or hold the pattern vertically for keychain letters... either way you just follow the grid and count the boxes. It's both identical you just need to COUNT!

When making any Alpha bracelet, letters or pictures, you are working like a typewriter. You weave a foreground string back and forth and add knots from the background in order to achieve a pattern.

When you're bringing the background strings to the foreground (adding the lettering) make sure to keep the original foreground string fairly loose as you knot with the background strings so you don't flip your knots. Keeping the foreground (green) string too taught will make the (pink) background strings pull away from the previous row.

All alpha patterns are based off of and created with grids. Each grid box is seen as an individual knot in the pattern (as explained in the video.)

Each grid box is equal to one knot.

12 grid boxes= 12 base strings and the extra foreground string for weaving.

If you have 12 grid boxes but the 5th box in is supposed to be the background color then make the 5th knot with the background string.

If you have 12 grid boxes but the 3rd and the 6th are supposed to be the background color you make the 3rd and the 6th knots with the background string.

Work one horizontal row at a time going forward for the first row, backward for the second, forward for the third and so on. Just go back and forth and count/mimic the boxes in order of appearance on your grid.

☼ In a forward knot row you need to knot the background strings BACKWARD onto the foreground string.
☼ In a backward knot row you need to knot the background strings FORWARD onto the foreground strings.

☼ It also helps to print out a grid pattern (or make your own on grid paper)

In alpha's you should leave the foreground string a bit loose while you are making knots with the background strands- it will help it settle better.

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what an amazing person you are. I'm a 37 year old man who's worked in construction and currently works shoeing race horses. point being i work with my hands and I'm afraid to work. then my 3 year old asked me to make him a bracelet and I've never attempted anything of the sort in my life. i learned a basic stitch earlier but want to get a little more creative. the fact that you would take this much time out of your day to help kids and parents trying to help kids is really overwhelmingly refreshing to me and really dares me to reevaluate my outlook on humanity in general. I'm sure that seems a bit over the top but if you saw the smile on my kids face and hug i got from him when i made him a D bracelet it would make a lot more sense to you. thank you very much!
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How did u make that little templet u had of the Letter g .??? Can u please have tutorial on how to make it those templets ????!??!?!?!?? Please!!!!!!!!!!
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your hurting my brain
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Djo Ait
Janna Islam
You're so proffesional..love your work and the best thing is that u answer the questions in the comments 
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White Cupcake
I LOOOOOOVE YOUR VIDEOS!!!! I literally just found you like a day ago, and I've been having a full marathon, lmao You, BY FAR, are the easiest teacher to learn from when it comes to bracelet making!! "WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN ALL MY LIFE!!??" 😣😉😄 Thank you for taking the time to make each video that you have. Not many people understand how much time and energy it takes to make even 5min of video. 💝 BIG HUG to you, sweetheart💝
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zeina elzomor
Thank you this helped 
H Phong Nguyen
Well, hello! My name is Loc. I am Vietnamese. I am 11 years old. And i very like this video. So, thank you because i make it ! Bye bye ! 
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Raelyn Xu
Thank you so much Lisa! This has helped me tons! I can understand you and you are much better that some other Youtubers that only show them making the bracelet not teaching the actual bracelet ( not only Alphas). 👍🏻 keep up the good work.
Dona Younes
It has the letter of my first name, I'm doing this as soon as I get my strings 😄😄😄

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