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Published on May 19, 2012

I believe that artists should take the Hippocratic Oath. So much real harm has been done by artists in the employ of the Controllers. I'm using their work to OPEN hearts and minds instead of 'spelling' them closed. I add value to whatever artwork i use so i can't see them getting angry at what i've done. NO artist has the time or talent to cobble together everything he would need to make a piece of work like these videos. They are collections, montages, slides and golden toned music all woven together into a rushing river of sacred geometric images and MEANING. Once you have firmly grasped the Keys to YOUR Kingdom , NOTHING can stop you from advancing to the next Realm above this one. Because our Branes run on eLectrical eNurgy we are inextricably tied into the planets E.M. shell. The Universes are electrical phenomena ... because what you SEE out 'there' are the thots of GAWD. The unimaginably huge Being in whom you now reside. When you become SeLF Realized your Mind expands ..[ i.e. the Big Bang ] And YES it is just like a stupendous ROARgasm, it was my version of the Roaring Twenties. ALL Life is The-ater .... you are what you 8 and you will BE what you EAT. SPINE is spin is BiN is 2N is Tune is NN is making N's Meet. The Spine is the Feathered Serpent and it's intrinsic to the process of arising. Each Vertebrae is like the keys on a piano or the strings on a Harp. Bone is Be ONE ..... back words and four words it's a see saw motion that covers all the bases. Your Spine is YOUR Tree of Life... it contains your Tale as well as your Tail. Because the snake crawls on his belly he is considered the Lowest of the Low and to give him wings is to raise him to the level of the Condor. All things sexual begin with that iconic image. Couple that with Orchids and you've got a much more powerful MetaFour. To test it's metal. The very instant you make a decision to perform an action an infinite number of alternate universes ALSO become possible. However, if these decisions are made by your programing then you're living another man's Life. Fate is the inevitable, Destiny is an S Cape... the Y's Mans Way of the Mid eL. That is why you will see a lot of Super E Rose wearing a Cape ...the CAPE is not 'ape' it is KP... BK ...tu kay is a tuke.. those funny winter hats that canucks love to wear. KK the Kings Krown.
Like mixing metaphors you get The8ter ..... Jesus and Satan ..... Thor and Loki ..... one has GOT to get Humor into the broth. I take umbrage with the state of artistic expression in that they show only the extremes of one side or the other.... there is NO humanity in these iCONic Figures. The Joker is ALWAYS Wild and i cannot for the life of me figure out why people shy away from their natural animal state. When it is tempered with Wisdom it adds immensely to ones Life... before AND after crossing that Bridge we will all come to. I wish to repeat another warning ..... This process, once begun, should be followed to the end. If not then the world will dry up and blow away like a dream .....and NOTHING will excite you anymore. The world is a wasteland ..... you just don't see it that way because of the illusions the system spins within your mind. This is not just destroying the old Lie it's also about replacing it with the Joyful TRUTH. Now why would anyone want to quit before we cross that River? My Cup is here for ALL to Share..... it does not run over from foamy BEER.
Home is a Journey... getting there is ALL the fun. The painting is called Oedipus and the Sphinx [ eau de puss ..... yumm .....tee hee] sum buddy throw a net over me quick.

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