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Opublikowany 29 sie 2008

Prior to this era of high technology, who would have thought there could be something more addictive than tobacco, alcohol, or even heroin? This addiction is not ingested, leaves no odors or visible signs, yet, despite all efforts by its victims to abstain, leaves them powerless. It is called a Video Lottery Terminal (VLT). Even more surprising is the fact that this devastating piece of equipment is owned, operated, and regulated by our government. The basic difference between a VLT and a slot machine, which can be found only in casinos, is the easy access one has to discover the VLT, and the ability to slip in and out of the 3 828 licensed establishments around the province, where these machines can be played. One can play them on their lunch hour, coffee break, on the way to or from work without having to make a trip to the casino. The VLT has broken the gender barrier as well, in that women previously would not go into a bar unescorted, but it is viewed as being normal for a woman to play the VLTs. If the government had its way, with no criticism from consumer protectors like myself and others, the machines would also be in convenience stores, service stations, etc. in the community. After all, the Ninetendo, Genesis, Playstation generation are natural targets for this type of activity. There will always be unscrupulous bar owners who look the other way while minors try to beat the electronic monster. When the smoke clears at the end of each day, the government pulls 1.895 million dollars out of the marketplace and into general revenue. We are expected to believe that our communities benefit from this, of course, because our government provides the greatest healthcare system and the highest quality educational institutions in the country. Every month welfare and old age pension cheques get recycled in the 14 713 VLTs around our province. One needs only to look at all the empty stores that used to be viable businesses. The quickest growing industries today seem to be pawn shops and cheque cashing agencies.

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