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Published on Jul 10, 2012

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Additional thoughts:

When I mention that the website would be like DVTV I am referencing how Deaf Video TV is a third-party website that provides a platform for a structure that is already present (YouTube). This is the same idea -- using YouTube for uploading and hosting video content, while providing a website that organizes/categorizes educational content on YouTube and OpenCourseWare sites. This new platform would aim to provide many additional features such as tight integration with Social Media (Facebook Groups, Google+ Hangouts, etc) collaborative tools for engagement, and many other emergent properties that will surely come to the platform as innovative community members become active.

What public schools won't teach you (and even some Deaf Schools)! Deaf-centric school subjects -- no budget cuts or state-mandated learning objectives to get in the way of the free flow of knowledge. "Knowmads" you can hop around and learn anything you like in a language that is fully accessible.

I explained why there is a preference to address this kind of learning as "visual learning/education/knowledge" instead of 'Deaf learning/education/knowledge' ... I neglected to expand my thoughts on omitting "ASL" from the title. Undeniably most of the content will be in ASL, however, there's no reason why an individual using a different signed-language in another country can't join the movement and create content in a visual language other than ASL. I prefer to opt for the terms that are more inclusive. If you think the state of Deaf education in the States are awful, then let me assure you that in developing countries they are abysmal.

100% non-profit. 100% community owned/run/managed. Donations of time, knowledge, effort, and energy not of money.

The Deaf community is more that poised to become leaders in education. A lot of "Education 3.0" talks about how it relates to a "Society 3.0" with high levels of collaboration and flow of information. The collectivist nature of Deaf Culture, our unwavering focus on education, our dedication to cultivating our environment for the generation of tomorrow makes us a society ready to employ Education 3.0. Harnessing and sharing community knowledge by teaching one another has been a feature in our culture since, well, always, our Deaf Clubs were Education 3.0 way before Education 3.0 was invented. Each one of us is a change-agent with the potential to create content that acts as a spark, as a catalyst for great change.

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Robin Edwards
So funny you are champ lol
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Hello , please can you send me what you've done written in sign language ? I really enjoyed your video , but deaf my country ( BRAZIL ) do not understand ASL , I would like to make a translation in Portuguese , so they could understand everything you signaled . Sorry for bad English . Thank you ! Congratulations. Samy
A little late to the discussion, but I love the vision.  It's exciting to see the passion - and it's contagious.  I'll be following this discussion for sure!  Certificates instead of diplomas . . . Deaf schools with non-siging hearing teachers with interpreters in the classroom . . . Thanks for answering the question of "what can one man do?" with, "let's find out".  I look forward to seeing it unfold and would love to be a support of it/to it in anyway.
Gerrie Louden Bell
Curious whether you've gotten any serious takers in this -- I ran across Awti -- he has a series on science topics -- seems to be for kids but the way he and his colleague explain things could fit adults too... topics liike electromagnetic fields.  I think you subscribed to his channel already.  In conceiving this idea, are you including all the "liberal arts" types of subjects?  English comp, literature study, science, math, history, art, perhaps  music history too? (some deaf people are aware of popular music, and much of music and art history tie in with "world" history eras -- that's why I bring it up)....  there are so many things that I consider "common knowledge" that people just don't know any more (like heat rises).... those kinds of things should be included too.    
April Pepsiapril
hey there,  its me April. i know its been awhile but ive been watching your teaching videos and i am wondering..since i am new at ASL, are you doing JUST ASL or combining it with other stuff... i need t watch more because i cant follow as well as i can sign...
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Gerrie Louden Bell
One thing that has been on my mind for a very long time is the teaching of ASL grammar to deaf children and/or adults.  Hearing people take grammar classes in their own native language, so they will speak it "properly".  Also, adults learn other languages often by comparing the new language to their native tongue. If we did the same for ASL users in the U.S., I believe their written English and reading skills would improve.  You need a complete first language (ASL in this case) before you can be expected to learn well in a second (English or whatever spoken language is trying to be taught) language. At the high school where I teach ASL, we have a Spanish class "for native speakers".  Why not have an ASL class for native signers?  This could be done on the Internet as well. Just some thoughts.
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What we waiting for? Am with you 100 & down to make it happen. Get a chance & check out my fan's page of STREET VOID, you can also find me on this by going into darufflyfe for youtube & for F.B., Jeffrey Mendez is my full name on that, add me in. Been watching your videos & you the man with A.S.L. I've been waiting to put my writing into A.S.L. badly but am just hold back & i need to stop holding back & get it out there. Maybe with your help, i can make it happen. Get @ me. Ruff 
Briana Skelton
Btw I'm Deaf too :)
Briana Skelton
I know a deaf man that can design a website.....I will show him your video.
Briana Skelton
LETS DO IT!! Too many deaf missed out on an education they deserved and are screwed! Lets change it! I
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