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Published on Mar 14, 2013

Yup, another update on my 55 gallon. Got a bunch of new plants in, they're still melting...some of them are, the rest are doing alright. Little murky from meds and salt, a couple of my fish have injuries. Capone got into it with my male molly because he keeps trying to mate with him and he's got a nick out of his back, nothing too bad but better safe than sorry. And my new Silver Lyretail Molly came with a nick out of her tail and was pretty stressed, so the salt is helping her and the pimafix is a light natural antibacterial to keep down the chances of infection. I've learned to be safe over sorry, even with the little things. I had one fish that had a nick out of his tail and he got fin-rot even with the water kept as clean as I could get it without destroying my beneficial bacteria colonies. x.x Added in a little pimafix and salt and it cleared up pretty fast though.

Anywho, yeah, there's my tank. lol We're having a late night because I slept about half the day and kept them covered, they didn't know the difference xD At least they don't seem to know the schedule was off. I need the lights on a tad more for the plants.

Oh yes, and that guppy female, wow, she's about to explode! I purchased her pregnant a week and a half-two weeks ago and she just continues to get bigger! I was worried she may actually be sick, but you can see the little nippers in there. I can see one with its beady little eyes sticking through her skin! That can't be comfy. If you've ever been pregnant and had the kid stick his/her head in your ribs, you know that smarts!
I am thinking a couple of those guppies have Endler's in them. One in particular, not sure I got video of her, has similar markings to an endler's guppy/livebearer and is rather small. That would be cool though, I couldn't get any of the Endler's I wanted because they were small enough for my mollies to eat! And they would too.

So, I have a male swordtail in there, I used to have a few females but they have unfortunately passed away. Last January I had purchased some new cories and didn't QT them, they passed Flexibacter(We think) into my tank and it took forever to get rid of it. It killed about twelve of my fish. This being before I got guppies, I'm pretty stocked now. I have some swordtail juveniles that will soon join him, he doesn't seem to care though.

Anywho, a male red swordtail, a few types of platies, guppies and mollies. I also have an albino bristlenose pleco and a calico long-finned bristlenose pleco, and a couple cories that survived the scourge...Dunno if you can see the calico pleco in the video, she's on the log in there on the side facing the plant.

That's my tank. Me and a lot of talk. xD


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