Super Smash Bros. 64 - The ultimate glitch + pokemon glitch combined!





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Published on Jul 15, 2009

Yeah, so I combined the ultimate glitch with the pokemon glitch. This is a tutorial on how to do it.

Please note that this might not work with any other rom than Super Smash Bros (U) [!].zip

Step 1:
First, start SSB64 and press ctrl-c. Then right click and select "Add New Cheat..." and enter these cheats if you don't already have them:

D-Pad Codes\D-Pad Down To Spawn Item - D109EFA4 0400 8118D0A2 0001
Stage Mods\More Then One Pokemon Can Come Out Of The Door - 8113140D 0001
Stage Mods\Pokemon Crazy (Saffron) - 8113140E 0001

Make sure only the D-pad code is activated before you play.

Step 2:
Go to the item switch and set it to very low. Turn everything off except for the bob-omb.

Step 3:
Select at least 3 characters. Try to make Player 1 someone that hits SLOWLY. I recommend DK. Player 3 should be someone that can do the pokemon glitch, so either luigi, jiggly, or fox. Player 2 doesn't matter, since he will be the key.

Step 4:
To do the ultimate glitch, you'll need an invisi-bomb. To do this, a player with invincibility needs to pick up an exploding bob-omb. Press down on the D-pad to make an item appear. Do this until you see a capsule. Then make DK pick it up. Position DK at the entrance of the pokemon door. Now kill link so he has a short period of invincibility. When he appears on his respawn platform, DK has to jump and smash the capsule to the ground right in front of the door. At the same time, bring link down so he is standing right where the capsule was smashed down. Out of the capsule should appear a bob-omb. Then make DK do his down-b attack to make the bob-omb explode. As soon as the bob-omb explodes, Link should press A to pick it up. If done correctly, you will here that "bluip!" sound when you usually pick up an item.

Link now has the key to the glitch, the invisi-bomb. Put link somewhere where he can not come to harm, because if he dies, the glitch will be lost.

Step 5:
It's time to start the ultimate glitch. A quick tip: If you bring player 3 over to the area before the black hole is created, player 3 will NOT be affected by the black hole when it is created. If you keep player 3 away until it is created, he will be affected=more fun.

Make sure DK is at the spot where Link picked up the invisi-bomb. Then crazily press D-down to spawn TONS of items. Player 3 should look after link so he and the key does not come to harm, or the glitch will be lost. Player 3 should also get rid of any items that did not fall on DK. After 2 or 3 crates have fallen on DK, a huge explosion will appear and lock DK in it. This is good. Keep spawning items until at least 5 crates are caught in the explosion. THE BLACK HOLE HAS BEEN CREATED!!! You are now free to move DK out of the explosion with the joystick.

Tip: Link still has the key to the glitch. If link dies or throws the invisi-bomb away, the glitch will be lost.

Step 6:
Now it is time to combine the pokemon glitch with this one. Activate the two other cheats so all of the pokemon are forced out of the door. Kill player 3 so he is invincible for a few seconds. While invincible, walk over to the pokemon door, and do the following:

If Luigi : Up-B
If Jiggly : Down-B
If Fox : Down-B

Player 3 should then be stuck with the pokemon for ever.

And so you have accomplished the glitches!

If you want to get DK stuck, charge up your B attack and smash it straight into the crates. :)



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