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Published on Nov 1, 2011

Snape vs. McGonagall Clip
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Credits to Warner Bros.
J.K Rowling

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Rick Dryden
Lol when all the students go crazy at the end. Realizing their stern old teacher is a straight savage
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Alyssa W
Derrick Liu They lost the one teacher who actually liked them.
The Spicy Chicken Sandwich
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Joe Downey
I love Snapes face when McGonagall attacks for the first time, you can see it hurt him (not physically) This scene to me says the most without saying anything, there is a lot of facial expressions and body langue that tells an amazing story of the relationship between Snape and McGonagall.
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Captain an entire year ago. so sad
+P Shannon Mullen I will check it out. And also Alan Rickman just died today ;( He will always be awesome and a wonderful Snape to me :(
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Glen De Waele
After all this time? Always. RIP Alan Rickman
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Raiyan Islam
+Mysterious Me Snape knocked the Carrows down reusing McGonagall's spells.
+Guiltless Pleasure i thought Professor McGonagall used her spell to knock them down? Or when Snape was about to use a spell? Professor McGonagall used her spell to hit his hand backwards so the spell will hit the two behind? Idk 😂 Either way, Professor McGonagall is still awesome! :D
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eddy wolfe
Now this is what I call great acting. Can you imagine how awkward it must have been to just flick the wand around. Lol
eddy wolfe watch the behind the scenes with alan rickman
+eddy wolfe They have 'flicked' the wands around for 7 movies it isn't that akward anymore after that. Also there is sometimes really stuff happening let ik be light, smoke or explosions.
McGonagall is so badass that when she steps in the students just fucking part like the red sea before Moses
She just did what she was supposed to do though, run defense for students. Snape is on a whole other level just below top tier, McGonagall would've needed Kingsley or Filius' help to really stalemate Snape.
Cu Master
I love how at 0:20 Snape deflects McGonagall's spell to knock down Alecto and Amycus. What a brave yet subtle man.
+SupremeFallenX That was such an awesome move and shows that he did care about McGonagall and everyone a bit ;D
Aaron Sun
definition of mcgonagall- Mcgonnafuckyouup.
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Scarlett Savage
This comment is beautiful. XD
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jack happ
i love alans expression, you can see how much snape doesnt want to fight her, more reasons then one
Michael Kowalski
And he redirects her spells to take out his two supporters before fleeing.
Dawid Zawolski
it's show even further as Snape cast only protego, not one offencive spell leaves his wand
Jamie Larche
I dislike reading all these comments that can basically be summed up to "Wow, Snape is so amazing, he let McGonagall off like that and even took out the Carrows while he was at it." I'm actually a huge fan of Snape, but to see McGonagall be so undermined is ridiculous. She's one of the greatest witches in the Harry Potter universe, she most definitely would have held her own in an all out battle with Snape.
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McGonagall isn't undermined at all, she might be the be the top overall Witch in the world, and I'd say she's probably as good a duelist as Filius Flitwick, renowned for his dueling skills. You have to think about Truly Gifted individuals though like Dumbledore, Tom Riddle, Gellert Grindelwald, all of whom utterly trounce ordinary "excellent wizards", the fanbase believes Snape to be just a shade below that grandness, atleast in dueling, everything else magical seems to be handled masterfully by him.
Julieta snape knew more magic than even the seventh years when he was a first and created his own spells but Mcgonagall is strong as well
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I just love this scene. Snape gets his wand out and everyone moves back slightly. McGonagall draws.. "OH SHIT BACK AWAY SHE'S MAD". Lots of people underestimate McGonagall. She is a badass.
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Steven Dähnke
+Aaron Sun yeah you need to know it all, JKR told you herself right? ... just stop suckin mcgonagalls ** ... Snape is beside Dumbledore one of the most powerful wizards, maybe mcgonagall is equal but not higher ... so stop lying just because you seem to like her so much (btw. i like her too, but stay real about it)
Sophia Luo
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