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Published on Aug 5, 2012

Enough Said - Aaliyah feat. Drake (Official Audio)

Produced by 40


I can tell there's something wrong witchu
Tell me do you wanna talk about it
You say you got a lot on your mind
Sit down, let's talk about it
I hate to see you feel this way
So tell me, what can I do to make
It better for you, make it better for you, baby


Baby, tell me what I gotta do to get you to talk about it
Cause we've been together a little too long for you not to talk about it
So tell me what you would like me to do
To help you, help me, help you
Cause I don't really want to tell without you
Tell me why

Went from my nigga serving it by the tele to venues in Manchester
Just swerving with Balotelli the fuck are you trying to tell me
Bothers me when you got to play therapist
That shit's embarrassing
They even bring up these niggas make a comparison
They just got to forgive me, this watch is a 150
Still ain't got the time for a bitch to be acting iffy
Running through the city with niggas I'd give a kidney
Selling under 150 you niggas got to be kidding
Is this even still a discussion?
Don't you ever wake up disgusted
Every million I gain an enemy or a cousin
And people's feelings have changed ever since I became something
Girls that becoming ladies, and my friends are having babies
And babies are dropping dead in my city, this shit is crazy
And I don't know if speaking on it helps
This is shit that's on my mind I just keep it to myself
You know

Can't you talk to me
Let's talk about it, talk about it
Tell me what you need
Just tell me baby, tell me baby
Sometimes you are, all alone
But there's no doubt
So don't just shut me out
Cause that's not what love's about

Came too far to give up, gotta try
Cause I can't do it on my own

(C) 2012 Blackground Records

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Comments • 13,281

Philly Mo
Meek be like "Aaliyah ghost wrote Drake's verse".
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Aaron Barnaby
*INFORMATION ON THE HISTORY OF THIS SONG* After years of researching my all time favorite song (Enough Said) online, i found nothing.. because there is no background information of this song online. After trying to contact Blackground records for the past 3 years, i finally got a chance to talk to Barry Hankerson about this song. I asked for all of the details about this song, and he gave them to me.. and even LET ME HEAR THE ORIGINAL VERSION. Yes, i have heard the original version of "Enough Said".. which isn't even the real title of the song. The song was originally titled "Alone In Love". It was recorded in May 2001 and was supposed to be a last minute edition to the album. She had finished the album months before but Barry said her team believed the album needed a little extra something, so she was brought back to the studio in May and recorded Alone In Love (Enough Said) It's Whatever, He Keeps Me Shakin', & a song called "James Dean". She recorded and FINISHED all four songs. A lot of people believe that this song was unfinished because of the re-used ad libs throughout the song, but that is certainly not the case. This song was a 8 & a half minute long song.. and i heard every second of it. The "yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah" chorus didn't even exist in the actual song. Aaliyah sang "Yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah" as the song was ending.. it definitely was not the chorus. The actual chorus to this song wasn't even included in this version, it is still unreleased. It was a short chorus, but it ended in "I'm just about to cry". WHICH CAN BE HEARD in this version.. listen carefully to Drake's verse.. Aaliyah can be heard singing very lowly.. repeating the line. The song has two more full verses that are still unreleased.. and a LONGER 3rd verse.. which is even more mysterious sounding. They edited out the majority of the 3rd verse, i guess to save on time. But i remember some added lyrics to the 3rd verse.. it was sang in the same style and one part she sings " In the dark, in the dark, can you still feel me boy? Keep it strong for me, real soldier strong, salute yourself, soldier strong, soldier strong, need it now." It was so unbelievably beautiful and CHILLING to hear. She goes on and on with the song.. in total there are 5 verses. 4 main verses and a two minute long 3rd verse. It was unbelievable to hear. Out of the 4 songs she recorded in May 2001, only one made the album which was "It's Whatever". But not without fight from Aaliyah. Barry explained how much Aaliyah LOVED this song.. she demanded that it be included on the album. He said this song (at least the original version) was like her baby. But her whole team advised against it because of the length of the song.. Barry said she was very feisty about it and didn't care and still insisted that this song be included, but Barry said he had to make the final decision and couldn't put it on the album because of the length. He said she was very mad over it, and promised that it was going to be included on her next album. Which Barry revealed to me also that 2005 was the planned date for Aaliyah's 4th album. One mystery of this song remains though, what she is saying the the 3rd verse. I asked Barry, and re-played the 3rd verse for him, but he had no clue. The verse wasn't written on paper.. Aaliyah winged it, and just recorded in the studio fresh off of her mind. The only verses written on paper were the 1st and 3rd verses in the original song. The first verse is included in this version, and so is the 2nd.. but the 3rd and the 4th verses weren't included in this version. The 3rd verse in this version, is actually the 5th & final verse in the original song. The original music track is not that different from what we have now. There is not heavy percussion in the original, but a slow/sexy "snap your fingers" type beat. The music wasn't as loud in the original version though, it focused mainly on Aaliyah's beautiful voice. He Keeps Me Shakin's verses are included in the leaked song "Quit Hatin".. but "James Dean" still remains unreleased. Barry said he doesn't even have that song, that the producer still has the song.. and won't give up rights to it. Barry said that it's doubtful that we will ever get to hear the song, because the producer is holding on tight to it. Barry said Aaliyah wrote "James Dean" in 1998 after admiring him for quite some time.. he said that would love to hear it again too. I also asked about the songs she recorded in Australia and they have them all except for "Gravy Train".. and it was lost. He said to expect an Aaliyah album next year with re-produced versions of her unreleased material. So for the people who were so against this song being released, AALIYAH wanted it released. She loved this song very much.. while it was the original version that she loved, i am sure she would be happy that we finally got to hear at least some of this song.
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bridget flynn
aaliyah's voice is so soothing..
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Props to Drake for helping keep Aaliyah's music alive. Most kids nowadays have no idea who she was. RIP
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Aaliyah was so mature and she was hella young. R.Kelly
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Deante Hitchcock
If Just one person reads this, it'll make my day. Im a hiphop artist from Atlanta .People write this stuff all the time but im Guaranteeing you I'll be the one you'll be happy you listened to. I'm almost ar 3,000+ subs and still creeping up. If ONE PERSON could just give this a thumbs up, you'll be one step to helping a young talented kid's dream come true. I promise i don't suck and you won't be disappointed. Just give me a chance and 3 minutes.
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I miss Aaliyah so much. :(
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Just imagine if she was still alive and made a song with Drake , kendrick and cole
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Aaliyah's vocals sound so amazing.
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Jay B
Why the fuck is it a bad thing to show tribute to someone you looked up to through a song? God damn in the future people are going to be bitching because some new artist wanted to put Rihanna or Beyonces voices on a song.
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