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Published on Jul 2, 2012

Great cartridge even for today's standards. It's been in service since 1891 and shows no sign of slowing down. What's not to like? I'd go as far as to say that it's my favorite general rifle cartridge.

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Elijah T. Wreckingball
Recipe for one fun weekend: 1. Find a gunstore that lets you pick your Mosin out of a crate. 2. Buy it, take it home, clean it, research it, and get the headspace checked. 3. Go out plinking with some surplus 7.62x54r ammo. 4. Watch "Enemy at the Gates" while you clean your rifle.
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LineRat 86
+Elijah T. Wreckingball You got that right!!
Jesse Jackson
I watched that movie before I got my 91/30 haha! I always seem to have Vasily's theme song playing in my head when I shot it!
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Edwin Acevedo
Barry I miss you bro.
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awww what when did he die? that's fucking gay man
Edwin Acevedo
+Chris P only in the flesh. His spirit lives on.
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Random Video Channel
i feel sad watching these old videos
Joe Randella
At least he was around long enough to create and feature in loads of these fun and informative videos! They will make sure his memory lives on for years to come. RIP Barry.
Random Video Channel
rip Barry
Gingy the man
7.62x54r: First shot dislocates your shoulder, the second can be used to put it back.
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Joshua Sullivan
I still want one And it must have two Marlin skulls in place of bayonets 
Chris Bridges
Gingy the man , I just burst out laughing, but it stopped quickly, because I'm still nursing a dislocated shoulder from firing that beast lol
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Mosin Nagant = a ton of fun
No chance of surplus 54R drying up. Oh how I wish that were true. It's extremely difficult to find in large quantities now.
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Yeah I can believe that. Obama really had it in for gun owners.
As Eric said in the video, it's not likely to dry up, because its still in use by allot of countries. The problem you guys on the US market have is due to import sanctions aimed at Russia (im not 100% sure tho so dont quote me on that one) and mainly Russians sending their surplus to Syria rather than selling it to USA. So i would take a bet that the tings improve a bit (if the whole Syria shitstorm calms down and the war ends), unless we are in cold war 2.0 and there is another proxy war between the west and Russia.
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Seems like Barry was grooming Eric. Good that he taught Eric alot before he left. RIP
RJ Lee
Come on man, the PSL and VEPR have nothing common with SVD. They are not even loosely related. The Russian "sniper" system got a big change in the 80's when the first specialized schools were made and today all snipers in the Russian military are trained like those in US. Most of Russian military today is contract based not conscription. As for DMR... well, the problem is that for some inexplicable reason Americans think everyone else uses the same terminology and classification as they (which is derived from German mostly). Hate to break the news but they dont. Also the Tigr (Tiger) rifles are not Chinese, they are hunting carbines made in Russia that are (unlike VEPRs) built on the SVD platform. The Chinese SVD is called NDM-86 and is identical to the original SVD aside from a few cosmetic differences.
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Zeljko Babin
+kara88bg Zastava M91 is based on AK like Zastava M76. It just looks like SVD and it is chambered in same caliber but there are visual differents too. PSL and M91 just look like SVD but it is AK in fact.
RJ Lee
+kara88bg I havent seen one of those and I am no expert by any stretch, but as far as I gather the M91 is in fact based on the AK. (according to zastava-arms themselves) At first glance they look similar but side by side you can see they are pretty different. That doesnt mean its a bad rifle though.
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Lol the jihad 
Jimmy Dore
Hey Eric, why did you not tell me that the Mosin kicks like a mean mugged bookie you owe a debt to? I haven't pulled that trigger in 2 months and I'm still flinching.
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Tristan Steinhelfer
My M38 has a decent amount of recoil. Those skull crusher plates are a pain.
Alex Crumly
+4x4 AWD Evolution VII A 91/30 with a rubber butt pad does not kick at all, you must have a really weak shoulder.
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