When I make you shine! A Cori story. Ch.12





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Uploaded on Jul 19, 2011

When I make you shine! Ch. 12
Cat V. Tori V.
Disclaimer:I don't own victorious!

Tori was at home watching TV on the couch. She was super bored and had nothing to do. She couldn't call Andre and Beck because they were helping Beck's dad fix Andre's car. Tori refused to call Robbie because she can't be alone with him or she would rip her hair out. Cat was upstairs in Tori's bed taking a nap and Tori didn't want to disturb her because she knew how Cat got when she was cranky.
"Tori, do you want to do something with me?" Trina asked as she walked down stairs.
"Something like what?" Tori asked suspiciously
"I don't know, like go see a movie or go out for ice cream?" Trina suggested
"Maybe in like half an hour? Cat's upstairs napping and she only naps for like an hour." Tori told Trina
"Okay well until then let's talk, sister to sister!" Trina said plopping down on the couch next to Tori.
"About what?" Tori asked
"You and Cat!" Trina exclaimed
"Okay, what about me and Cat?" Tori asked
"Did you guys set a date for the wedding?" Trina asked
"Yeah it's gonna be May 14th!" Tori told her excitedly
"Tori that's like a month away!" Trina shouted
"So?" Tori said
"Don't you want a big extravagant wedding?" Trina asked her sister
"No, I want a small wedding at the church down the street! Mom and Dad are at the court house right now getting my marriage license along with Cat's parents. Only 20 people from both of our families are coming plus Beck, Andre, Robbie, and Sinjin." Tori explained
"Wow you guys planned everything out huh?" Trina asked shocked
"Yup we even sent the invitations out!" Tori said proudly
"Wow! That's impressive! You guys have only been engaged for 3 weeks!" Trina exclaimed
"Yeah, but I want Cat to be my wife now!" Tori explained to Trina
"So what about the honeymoon." Trina asked
"We were actually just going to stay in California, but maybe in Malibu? I was thinking in a hotel for about a week? Does that sound good or is it stupid?" Tori asked not sure if her idea was good.
"That's sounds okay. Did you run it by Cat?" Trina asked
"No, I actually want it to be a surprise. It would have been Hawaii or the Bahamas, but we are still in school so we have to wait until summer vacation to do all that" Tori explained.
"How do you plan on paying for all of this?" Trina asked
"Well, I have some money saved up for doing the stunt, the Diddilybops, singing at that restaurant, and my
Weekly allowance saved for like 2 years! So I have around 3 thousand saved up." Tori said doing the math I her head.
"Three Grand! That's a lot of money Tori!" Trina shouted, but not very loud
"Yeah and I'm spending it all on my wife-to-be" Tori said in a Sing-Song voice.
"Tori!" Cat yelled from upstairs. Tori jumped up and darted for the stairs. When she got to the top of the steps she ran to her room. She pushed the door open and found Cat still asleep in her bed, but she was kicking and yelling.
"She must be having a nightmare" Trina said from behind Tori. Tori walked over to her bed and shook Cats trembling body.
"Cat? Baby wake up!" Tori said quietly as she shook her fiancé
"Tori! No Jade please don't hurt her! I'm sorry Jade! I don't love you! I love Tori!" Cat shouted still dreaming.
"Cat wake up!" Tori said more forcibly while shaking her harder. Cat's body lurched forward into a sitting position. She was panting and covered in a cold sweat.
"Cat, baby are you okay?" Tori asked calmly.
"Oh Tori thank goodness you're okay" Cat said before pulling Tori into a tight embrace.
"Yeah of course I am! What was your dream about?" Tori asked worriedly.
"Tori it was horrible! Jade walked in on our wedding and threatened to kill you if I didn't marry her instead of you! And when I didn't do it she killed you and took me away!" Cat said sobbing into Tori's shoulder.
"It's okay. I'm right here okay? And in one month we will get married without Jade breaking it apart and we will live happily ever after!" Tori said reassuringly. Cat smiled and pulled Tori in for a quick, but passionate, kiss.
"I love you Tori" Cat whispered placing her forehead against Tori's
"I love you too" Tori replied quietly.
"Do you want to go get some ice-cream?" Tori asked knowing it'll cheer her up.
"Yay ice cream!"Cat said jumping out of bed and going into the bathroom to freshen up. Tori smiled proudly knowing she could cheer Cat up no matter why she was upset. This was going to be a great marriage.

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