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Published on Jun 13, 2010

I DON'T OWN ANYTHING. CREDIT FOR THE VIDEO CLIPS AND MUSIC GO TO THE RESPECTIVE OWNER(S). All i own is the editing. Information regarding the video will be shown at the end. WATCH IN HQ
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"And everytime I look inside your eyes - You make me wanna die"

Song: You Make Me Wanna Die - The Pretty Reckless

Voice clips:

"I want my hotel back...Name your price. I will do anything"
"Well there is something that caught my eye..."

"Chuck can have the Empire, and all it would cost is you...spending the night with me"

"Careful B. Beware of Bass's bearing gifts"

"I don't understand...if you don't want me, then why did you set this up?"
"I told Chuck i'd take either you, or the hotel. He chose to give me you"
"Chuck would never do this to me"
"Just be grateful one of the Bass men has some moral integrity. I'm sorry Blair"

"Humphrey! Have you lost your mind!? What the hell are you doing!?"
"You - tell her!"
"Tell me what? What's going on?...You didn't"
"You did!"
"Look Blair, I thought you didn't love me anymore...I didn't care if I lived or died...Jenny Humphrey was..."
"DON'T SAY HER NAME! ...Or anything else to me - ever again!"

"Please tell me Jack was lying. You wouldn't betray me like that..."
"Wouldn't betray you?! - You're the one who just came from seeing my uncle!"
"I went there for you! Because I thought it was the only way to save your hotel. I would have done anything to help you. All you had to do was ask!"
"I did what I had to, to win"
"I can't let my feelings cost me all that I've built"
"Even if it means losing me instead...All I ever did was love you!"
"The worst thing I ever did" (Voiceover Blair: "The worst thing you've ever done")
"The darkest thought I ever had" (Voiceover Blair: The darkest thought you've ever had")
"You said - you'd stand by me through anything" (Voiceover Blair: "I will stand by you through anything. This, Blair - is anything"
"I never thought that the worst thing you would ever do would be to me!"
"You went up there on your own"

Pretty impressed at the quick turnaround of this video - finished within 2 days :) I hate to admit it but i LOVE this song which i didn't want to at first as i'm not a huge fan of Taylor Momsem but she's got a pretty unique voice and the song is ridiculously addictive. I searched youtube expecting to find dozens of Chuck/Blair videos to this song but didn't find any so thought i'd give it a go. I tried to leave all of the video effects to a minimum as it would be practically impossible to set an effect to every single musical beat in this song as there are hundreds! And i wanted the video to be more foucsed around the voiceovers as they pretty much tell the story.


I think the coupling and story of this video can be interpretted in many ways. People could look at this video in an AU way as Blair & Jack being one couple and Chuck & Jenny being another in the senese that each couple make each other wanna die. MY interpretation and the way I wanted this video to come across was regarding Blair & Chuck's relationship and how from day one Blair has always devoted herself to Chuck and stood by him through alot of situations. So yeah, it's probably set more from Blair's perspective if anything, but there are moments when the lyrics and mood of the video would be better suited to Chuck's character. The two main storylines this video revolves around are Jack's return and attempt to take Chuck's hotel and Chuck sleeping with Jenny. Although Blair offers herself to Jack, she does so in the light that she would do ANYTHING to help Chuck, no matter how much she hates herself for it. Chuck doesn't see it this way, instead as betrayal. Blair tries to explain how she was doing that (and anything else) out of love, but Chuck doesn't listen and Blair ends their relationship.
After their break-up Chuck is feeling depressed and finds comfort in sleeping with Jenny, yet ironically Blair shows up the morning after admitting she wants to get back together, realising that love is what matters - yet is she to know what has happened. Chuck hopes that Blair will never find out, however Dan finds out and unsuprisingly hits Chuck for sleeping with his sister and demands Chuck tells Blair the truth. Actions speak louder than words and Blair figures it out. Chuck rolls out alot of excuses but Blair is heartbroken and leaves him telling her to never speak to her again. The rest of the video shows how Blair time and time again has stuck by Chuck even though it has killed inside - proving that Chuck on many occasions makes her wanna die.

Enjoy. As usual, comment, rate etc. Feedback is always welcomed & appreciated :)


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