cheat zombie black ops (comment faire francais garantie antiban !! )





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Published on Mar 12, 2011

voila les cheat codes entre le bind et le "give intel" taper la touche de votre choix et avant give intel tapez bind votre touche "votre cheat" si vous comprenez pas lachez des coms

bind "sf_use_ignoreammo 1" : munitions illimitées
bind "god" : invincible
bind "noclip" : voler
bind "giveall" : donne plusieurs armes sympa

bind "give thundergun_upgraded_zm" : une arme
bind "give ray_gun_upgraded_zm" : une arme

du même genre que les 2 au dessus:

give thundergun_upgraded_zm [QUE KINO]
give minigun_zm [FIVE ONLY]
give freezegun_upgraded_zm [QUE FIVE]
give m1911_upgraded_zm
give ray_gun_upgraded_zm
give crossbow_explosive_upgraded_zm
give g11_lps_upgraded_zm
give m16_gl_upgraded_zm
give spas_upgraded_zm
give hs10_upgraded_zm
give knife_ballistic_bowie_upgraded_zm

autre armes:

give thundergun_zm [ QUE KINO]
give freezegun_zm [QUE FIVE]
give m1911_zm
give give python_upgraded_zm
give python_zm
give g11_lps_zm
give m14_zm
give m14_upgraded_zm
give m16_zm
give famas_zm
give famas_upgraded_zm
give ak74u_zm
give ak74u_upgraded_zm
give mp5k_zm
give mp5k_upgraded_zm
give mp40_zm
give mp40_upgraded_zm
give mpl_zm
give mpl_upgraded_zm
give pm63_zm
give pm63_upgraded_zm
give pm63lh_upgraded_zm
give spectre_zm
give spectre_upgraded_zm
give cz75dw_zm
give cz75lh_zm
give cz75dw_upgraded_zm
give cz75lh_upgraded_zm
give ithaca_zm
give ithaca_upgraded_zm
give rottweil72_zm
give rottweil72_upgraded_zm
give spas_zm
give hs10_zm
give hs10lh_upgraded_zm
give aug_acog_zm
give aug_acog_mk_upgraded_zm
give galil_zm
give galil_upgraded_zm
give commando_zm
give commando_upgraded_zm
give fnfal_zm
give fnfal_upgraded_zm
give dragunov_zm
give dragunov_upgraded_zm
give l96a1_zm
give l96a1_upgraded_zm
give rpk_zm
give rpk_upgraded_zm
give hk21_zm
give hk21_upgraded_zm
give m72_law_zm
give m72_law_upgraded_zm
give china_lake_zm
give china_lake_upgraded_zm
give zombie_cymbal_monkey
give ray_gun_zm
give crossbow_explosive_zm
give bowie_knife_zm
give knife_ballistic_zm
give knife_ballistic_upgraded_zm
give knife_ballistic_bowie_zm
give zombie_perk_bottle_doubletap -
give zombie_perk_bottle_jugg -


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