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Published on Dec 26, 2010

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Beyonce has put it right in everyone's face that she is a witch, but people are so mezmerized by her "beauty" that they can't even see it. It is really sad. I am thankful that I have a spirit of discernment and pray others wake up. When she first came on the tv at the superbowl performance when the lights went out, my grand daughter started crying saying "I don't like that lady nanny!". I told her I understand and took her out of the room....smh. Children and animals are in tune to spirits.
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Chad Manning
Anybody here remember the little girl who almost died, because her supposed friends stabbed her, slender man a fictional character told em' to do it. Now here is the same message to all u smart asses out there. It doesnt matter if the poisons are fake. ITS THE MESSAGE, and little girls see this. A child's mind is an eggshell that's very impressionable. So, mom, dad. Be on your kids shit, cuz these slimy bastards for years, have been trying to turn our children against us. Trying to tell them they he/she may be gay or bi? Hurt people, cuz its "trendy" when all they do is hurt themselves and their close family members. I battle it every day, when my daughter switches on her laptop. One word, WINNING!!!!....
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John Ardelean
Lady Gaga and Miley Cyrus are examples of how the music industry has such contempt for us, they are willing to put ugly women in front of us and sell them as hot. In Gaga's case, I have never understood any of her appeal at all, not in the music and certainly not in that ugly mug. Plus, she has zero talent. Gaga is a great example of how Satan will use any idiot with enough lack of self-respect.
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Surprised you didn't say anything about the obvious disney reference when Beyonce opens her sunglasses into mickey mouse ears while people are dying at 7:14.
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I swear that gaga hoe is fucking ugly as fuck.
Original Misfit
even ever since i saw that video like way back when i was 13 i felt a terrible disturbance in my mind, i always felt like something just wasn't "right" with this world, i felt bad vibes even from a very young age, and certain people give me certain auras
well some of the things i disagree with and i think this guy goes over board about few things but i can agree about government is aware of things that can harm in ...your toothpaste contains floride....this is a poison...but since it's so small amount figure no big deal...the meat you eat some of it contains a substance call glutone...this can harm you also even processed foods have chemicals in them that can cause anxiety, heart disease and high blood pressure...GOVERNMENT IS NEVER YOUR FRIEND.....
Daphney Tennard
All of your videos are informational, the people who can't see what you are trying to tell them are spiritually lost, or do not care. The will when it starts happening to them.
I am a child of God I abide by his laws as given out in the bible, I worship him, honor him, follow his teachings provided by his prophets.  I spread our lords love through the fruits of his spirit.  I seek to spread his word through our nations,  I am not Muslim nor a Jew my friend I am a christian I do not feel it is appropriate to condemn masses because they do not belong to a tribe or have genetic inheritance.  The bible teaches there is only one way to the father and that is through the blood sacrifice of his son Jesus. Not by our works or actions but through faith alone in Christ alone.  Our spirit should be in sync with that of the holy spirit as it speaks to us loudly to know what is right and wrong despite the flesh.  Revelations speaks of numbers and tribes I do realize this, however I still believe everyone who comes before Christ for forgiveness in accordance will come to heaven.   People will often debate on specifics and about small differences when cultures, history and specifics have been changed. When God speaks I listen.
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Watcher on the Wall
Good breakdown of the esoteric symbolism,they call all of us "the profane" meanwhile they're engaging in homosexuality and bestiality,taking a donkey up their ass . This really happens,eating feces,everything is a ritual,public and private.Like the point in every actors career when they have to don the dress,Dave Chapelle said "fuck that noise" and was exiled to Africa.
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