Bush Actually Said This in 2007





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Uploaded on Nov 21, 2007

Compare $22B for domestic purposes with the $2B per WEEK in Iraq (or now we have $2B in Afghanistan, according to fall 2011 analyses on TV). (How in gods name does anyone spend $2Billion per week on anything?)

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eric gamble
he was better then what we have now
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Jim Peluso
+eric gamble You saw him on a biker ride. Wow!
Yes, but the lesser of two evils is still evil.
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Ben Stevenson
Anyone who actually thinks the president controls the country is an idiot, it's a nice idea to think that the people voting actually control their own fate. The super rich bankers like the Rothschilds and Rockafellers have every country's balls in their grip.
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Cloud Cop
+Brian Herron Yeah, although I have caught myself using curses around family and good friends (but in good reason)
Brian Herron
No offense taken...just glad that you didn't come back with-you blankety, blank, blank, so and so. Which is what MOST of the people on here do. It seems that in today's society it's "OK" to swear and think that no one will get offended by that...esp. taking the Lord's name in vain! Thanks for the healthy discussion. It's good to be able to talk to someone with a brain....unlike some of the "others".
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My fellow dumbass Americans, all you guys do is fight over what political party is better. But you keep voting for the same liars that make the same promises
Alex Alam
The votes were probably corrupted.
Skunk Bud
Don't blame me, I voted for Ron Paul.
All of you dopes comparing Bush and Obama are clueless. Both have done some sort of good, and both have done some ridiculously bad stuff. Whether a solid or liquid, does is matter? It's still shit.
Matt Beeman
+balthorpayne Fuckin Obama aint done shit good unless you work for the government.
Bush fluffed the  implementation of  the  PNAC by not taking control immediately he announced  " MISSION  ACCOMPLISHED"   and  he  took the  USA  from being  the  WEALTHIEST NATION  in the  WORLD,  right  into  BANKRUPTCY and  the  entire  world  is  suffering  from the  CHAOS  he  produced ...and Obama is  trying  to  clean up  the  mess  WITH NO  MONEY(or Gold )  IN FORT  KNOX .....
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OHHHHH and Obama was great, lets think about this. Regan, who a lot of democrats didn't and still don't like pulled the country out of bankruptcy Far worse that what Bush did, Bush had his mistakes, but you still can't be blaming him for Obama's mess.
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mikey mouse
he was right
Sherwin Stern
Liberalism has done far more harm than good. I was a liberal for many years until I realized the error of my ways. The liberal media knows that they don't have the truth on their side - and this is why they feel the need to hide it and spin it. This is why I have taken it upon myself to bring the truth to people. If you're a fair and open-minded person then I suggest you check out my YouTube videos.
Edward Nigma
Meh, MSNBC is the closest thing to liberal media. I would say it's government influence that makes the news so terrible in the US. It's hardly like Fox News are fair and balanced and completely overt about facts.
mikey mouse
ya wild spending
George Costanza
Tom Cruise is shooting a new movie called Sunshine in my Pocket Where he flies to another galaxy in his scientology approved spacecraft. There is a war on freedom, truth, zions, religon, bublebees, cigarettes, global warming, oil, hamburgers and alien tax increase. And Tom said he will win these wars for us. When are you people going to wake up!?
PeasantsNowKings Boo
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