Malcolm X and Valerie Sarruf are the true parents of Barack Obama





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Published on Aug 7, 2011

Meet The Parents....of alias Barack Obama: a Black Orthodox Sunni Muslim father and a White Lebanese Christian mother.

One, a famous Civil Rights Activist and former Leader of the Nation of Islam who left the NOI to start his own, true Muslim Organization known as the Muslim Mosque, Inc. and a Pan-African group called the Organization of Afro-American Unity in the furtherance of African Nationalism and for the betterment of African-Americans whom he planned to have convert to Islam.

Malcolm X changed his name to El Hajj Malik el-Shabazz and became a member of the Lebanese Muslim Brotherhood while attending the American University of Beirut and Al-Ahzar University to study the mystical (and more fundamental) aspects of Sunni Islam including the sects of Salafism and Wahabbism.

Malcolm/Malik was a close, personal friend of King Faisal but who was more like a son to the Ruler of Saudi Arabia. Malcolm first met Faisal in 1959 when he was still a Prince and heir to the throne of King Saud.

Varelie Sarruf - best known for her role in the film, "Firelight" and also her one-time role in the British TV spy series, "The Avengers" that became a major hit in America thanks to its quirky male lead, Patrick MacNee, as the bowler-hatted John Steed, and his beautiful, long-haired brunette assistant, Diana Rigg, as Emma Peel - forever etched in the memories of males everywhere for the slinky, skin-tight black leotard she always wore and which became her trademark.

Long before Sigourney Weaver and Linda Hamilton became the first in a series of strong female actresses, Diana Rigg was the original, beautiful, ass-kicking heroine who became the prototype for every actress who ever played the role of a sexy, secret agent who could beat the crap out of any man she wanted.

Quite different from the roles that Valerie played. Val was the only child of an even more famous father by the name of Fouad Sarruf (Google his name). Valerie went onto becoming a well-known actress of stage, screen, TV, and radio as a mainstay of the BBC network.

Valerie's relative, Alexander Sarruf, became the famous, dashing Egyptian actor known as Alexander D'Arcy.

The relationship between Malcolm and Valerie and the "love child" they produced was kept a secret from everyone who knew them - except for King Faisal who arranged for Malcolm's only son and heir to be educated in the ways of Islam and to carry on Malcolm's work after his father was assassinated in Harlem on February 1965.- a legacy that included Malcolm's deepest desire to see America become an Islamic nation beginning with the 22 million African-Americans he sought to organize.

A surrogate family to provide for his son's care was also arranged by Faisal and friends.

Malcolm's last words to King Faisal and to the members of his Muslim Mosque, Inc. and the Sunni cleric who helped him convert to Orthodox Islam, was

"What I have put into motion can never be stopped."

What he meant by that statement has never been interpreted for public consumption. Certainly not for White Christian Americans to know. But he did say it, nonetheless. The support for it can be found on the Internet as long as it stays open and free.

The evidence corroborating these events came from sources in Egypt that are no longer accessible following the upheaval that took place during the Arab Spring and the ouster of Mubarak and the (rigged) election of the Muslim Brotherhood operative, Mohammed Morsi, as the new Egyptian President who promised the people democratic reforms, but the day after his election, he torre up the new constitution and instituted Sharia Law. Millions of Egyptian citizens rose up against him and deposed Morsi with the help of the military (who always had a role in ruling Egypt).

The new President and Supreme Leader of the Egyptian Armed Forces, Abdel Fattah el-Sisi, was, himself, a noted military leader who graduated from the Egyptian Military Academy.and US Army War College.

Unlike Obama, he knows who and what ISIS is and the threat they now pose to his country. After Morsi's ouster, Sisi declared the Muslim Breotherhood to be a terrorist organization and outlawed them, just as Mubarrak and Abdul Nasser had done before him.

If you want to find out who Obama really is and who he represents, I have no doubt that Sisi would tell you if he could. But since Egypt depends on military aid from America, he is not going to get on Obama's bad side - even though Obama has called for his removal and the re-instatement of Morsi.

He may be saving it as his ace in the hole. Meanwhile, I think that most of us know for who and for what Obama stands. The "political winds" right now could not be any uglier.

Pray for America. Pray for Peace. Pray for Deliverance.

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