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Published on Apr 21, 2012

This video is a compliation of many battle videos listed in Smogon's thread for International Challenge competition for Pokémon Black and White. This was hosted via WiFi using the doubles format, with all Pokémon but ubers and event legendaries only (and the rediculously powerful and obviously banned for life, Chatot). Enjoy!

List below is music used, along with battle details and time locations. I've included descriptions, but had to trim some due to length.

0:05 religiousjedi
3:35 Eraddd
7:17 religiousjedi: opponent forfeited
10:41 religiousjedi: Skin of my teeth match!
13:55 Tenodera: Doubles strategy gets so much more complicated than I would've imagined...
16:29 R Inanimate
19:12 religiousjedi
23:01 religiousjedi
25:42 Missingno. Master: Two heads are better than three!
27:55 Missingno. Master: Took no damage whatsoever!
29:11 R Inanimate
31:18 Togedelques
34:07 Biosci
36:21 Biosci
39:01 Biosci
41:18 Biosci
42:48 religiousjedi
45:09 Cheezotron
49:07 Cheezotron
52:14 Cheezotron
54:43 aqualta: vs. Takku, 1606: And the award for Most Out of Leftfield Swagger User goes to...Audino! This guy made some brilliant outpredictions and that Audino really took me by surprise (not sure whether it should, but I'm not the most experienced battler :/ ). Even though he was using two Regenerator mons, in the end he started switching out too much when he needed to be getting the damage away. Plus I don't know what he was thinking on turn 11, that could've been decisive if my Scrafty had had bad confusion hax. Anyway, a very fun and taxing match
58:29 aqualta: vs. Moririn, 1588: Cress is pretty much my worst nightmare, given that I run a TR team, and I ALWAYS seem to mispredict whether they'll try to reverse TR or not. This was a really tight game, and he was making some downright audacious outpredictions, covering me off here, there and everywhere. As he was sending out his last two Pokémon, I was just hoping not see to either Excadrill or Tyranitar, as two of my remaining mons were EQ weak, but sure enough there was the TTar, and there was this horrible moment as my amateur katakana skills translated "do, ri, yu..." yes, Excadrill too. In the end, Metagross was a pro!
1:00:39 aqualta: vs Shunsu, 1709: So in the Autumn Friendly I battled GreySong, and it was epic. It took 22 minutes of me pacing rapidly and nervously around the house to pull off a (pretty lucky) win, and I'd rate it as my favourite battle ever. This was the IC12 version of that battle. Hitmontop/Chandelure really screws me over as a lead and makes it very difficult to set up TR. Chuck in a Gliscor which my team really struggles with and you have a tough contest which took all my (slightly limited) prediction skills to overcome. A 14-turn 21-minute epic which was tense to play and supremely satisfying to win!
1:04:52 Ignitrua: So much haxxx! Breath of relief at the end ^_^
1:07:42 Ignitrua: Metagross does all the work, Rotom is lazy -__-

Music Credits...
Most of these guys are on YouTube somewhere. Go check our their channels!
0:00 Trainer Red Epic Remix - DJTheFishhead
5:25 TEEM.ROKIT - Tweek
9:56 Gary Oak's Theme (BW Version) - AquaDeepBasin (Sonicwave1000)
15:04 Pokémon Mystery Dungeon Explorers of Time Temporal Despair - OCRemix
18:33 Slowpoke Shuffle - WillRock
22:22 RSE Champion - AquaDeepBasin (Sonicwave1000)
27:54 Blue Haze - Rozovian, WillRock
33:16 Legendary Epic Remix - DJTheFishhead
40:14 Pokémon MD2 Primal Dialga - PokeRemixStudio
46:40 Pokémon GSC Team Rocket - PokeRemixStudio
50:44 Pokémon RSE Legendary Trio 2 - PokeRemixStudio
54:47 Pokémon RSE Regi Trio - PokeRemixStudio
58:59 Deoxys Battle (FrLg) - PokeRemixStudio
1:04:06 Final N Battle - AquaDeepBasin (Sonicwave1000)
1:10:00 Expert Evan ... ?

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