Riff Raff / Magenta / Columbia - To Be Loved (warning: explicit... ._0)





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Uploaded on Apr 14, 2010

so this one was done fairly quickly (only a couple of days) so it isnt COMPLETELY perfect but i am proud of it nevertheless :)

the thing i most enjoy about how this video turned out is how well i managed to shorten the song. truly, it's not half bad for only using windows movie maker. especially the little crescendo thingy at the end

keep in mind while you read the plot:

i am a pretty much rocky horror virgin (i've seen it [all the way through] once on DVD and that's it...) and am still a pretty innocent/untainted person (at least when it comes to something as dirty as rocky horror) so please be gentle when you yell at me for how crazy and out of character this is :(

Magenta is happy in her relationship with Riff Raff but wants something different; just to shake things up a bit and keep her love life interesting. She comes up with the idea of using Columbia to get her kicks for a night. She confronts Columbia about her plan, making herself perfectly clear that she is in it simply for the feeling of power and control. Columbia, without much of a second thought or concern, agrees to go along with it. Surprised at such a quick response, Magenta warns her that her idea of love is a far different than that of Columbia's and not something the groupie should get used to or seriously involved with. Columbia stands her ground, arguing that she can handle whatever is thrown at her as long as she is allowed to fool around with Magenta.

That night didnt go exactly as planned. The following day, all Magenta can think about is the feeling she had whilst making love to someone as innocent as Columbia as opposed to someone as dark as her Riff Raff. She tells her brother that she strayed from his love for a night but doesnt tell him any details other than she was unfaithful to prevent herself from getting in trouble with him (all though she knows that there was something there that she wanted to return to at some point). She tries to shake the thought from her head and convince herself that Columbia was just a one-night stand that she would get over in a few days at most. She knows that Riff Raff is the only person she truly and seriously want to be involved with on a romantic level (even if they /were/ siblings). She must weigh the options she has in front of her: Columbia or Riff. She has to put the previous night out of her mind and go with who has always been her first choice.

She makes her final decision to stay with Riff Raff but will no longer allow herself to be dominated by him. Columbia on the other hand enjoyed the spark she felt with Magenta, especially due to the fact that she knew that Magenta had enjoyed it as well. Columbia is not willing to throw away another relationship and attempts to convince Magenta not to give up on the relationship either; but Magenta has already made her choice and ends up right back where she started: with her brother at the wheel and herself in the passengers seat (so-to-speak).


Yeah, I know. I tried to make the story as characteristic as possible but, as I said, I have only seen the movie version and only one time (with my friends talking over it, might I add). I am a strong supporter of the Riff/Magenta pairing because they are too cute to be cast off to the side simply due to the incest thing *heart* I also have a pretty twisted idea of how Columbia and Magenta work as a pairing )that I wont explain in this description) but, yeah

Song: ...To Be Loved (Explicit Version) - Papa Roach
Clips: Rocky Horror Picture Show
Have fun... I guess...

*i claim NO copyrights on this video*


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