That One Guy.... (A Mb Lovestory) Season 1 Ep 8





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Uploaded on Oct 17, 2011

*At The Snack Bar*
Prod: Man , CC Is Gorguess Yo !! I Really Like Her :D
Roc:I Feel Ya Bro ,.. Ya Know . Except , I Like Kaci . Lol
Prince: Well Im Glad Yall Having A Good Time Cause I Think Briana Hates Mee . And She Keeps Bringing Up Jasz ..... I Mean , How Does She Even Know Bout Jasz ??
Roc: Idk , But Yea , What Happened Tah Jasz ??
Prod: ... I Wanna Knoe Too ................
Prince: She Broke Up With Me This Summer :(
Roc: Oh, Bro , Im Srry :(
Prince: Itss Cool , Im Over It . I Just Want Briana To Be Mine :DD
Boys: Well , Since You Helped Us , We'll See If Our Girls Can Talk Briana N Tahh Wanting You :DD
Princeton: Thxxs Yall . But , Yea There Prob Wondering What Were Doing Taking So Long So Lets Hurry Up With This Food .

*2 Hours And 30 Minutes Later*]

Kaci: *Walks Out Cryin From Lauqhing So Hard* WHOO ! Kevin Hart Is A MESS!! :P
Roc: Well Im Glad You Enjoyed Your Self Cause I Was Hoping You Would Wanna Do It Again Saturday. ;DD
Kaci: *Smiles* I Would Love Too . :D
Roc: Awesome , So Can I Have Your Nu- (Gco By Kaci)
Kaci: 555-679-8843
Roc: Aha, Cool . Well Theres My Mom , You Need A Ride ??
Kaci: YES Please :D
Roc: *Chuckles A Bit* Iqht , Come On :D *Grabs Her Hand And They Start Walking Towards Roc's Mom's Car And Pull Of*
Prod: CC ,......
CC: Yea Prod ?? :D
Prod: I Would Really Like It If You Would Let Me Walk You Home :D
CC: Well Lets Go Den ;DD *Grabs His Hand And They Walk Out The Movie Theater*
Prince: Look Briana , *Looks At Her Smirking* What ??
Briana: Nothing , Its Just That You Call Me Briana :3
Prince: *Lauqhs* Anyways , Come On. *Grabs Her Hand*
Briana: Where Are We Goin ??
Prince: To Get Some Ice Cream , Is That Ok Wid You ??
Briana: Yea Come On.

*30 Later They Ate The Ice Cream And Princeton Walked Briana Home. There Now Standing In Front Of Her Door*

Briana: Thxxs Alot Prince , I Had A Fun Time .
Prince: No Problem, Juss Tell Mee You'll Do It Again Friday Niqht .
Briana: I Would Love To But I Dont Date Guys Who Have Gfs Already.
Princeton: I Dont Have A Gf , Not Anymore At Least *Looks Down*
Briana: *Feels Kind Of Guilty* Ok , Cool , Then Of Course I'll GO Out With You Friday :D
Prince: Cool , See You Tommorrow :D
Briana: Bye See You Tommorrow :D *Walks Inside*

*Later On That Niqht At Kaci's House*
Kaci: *Blasting MB's CD And Dancing Around Singing And Making A Fool Of Herself. Then She Hears A Noice Outside On her Ballcony.
Kaci: Hello ?? *Opens Her Ballcony, Looks Down And See's Roc. Smile* Roc , What Are You Doing Her Its 11:03 Pm !! :D
Roc: Ik , Im Srry . I Juss Wanted To Take You Out Again . :D You Down ??
Kaci: Oh HECK Yea Im Down . Juss Givee Mee 30 Minutes To Get Ready. Kayy ??
Roc: Kayy .. I'll Be Down Here.
Kaci: *Runs Into Bathroom And Come Out 30 Minutes Later*
Kaci: *Looks At Roc Sitting On Her Bed Checking Her Out* What ?? *Chuckles*
Roc: Nothing , Yhuu Just Look Amazing As Usual . :D (Btw Roc Wearing This- http://www.fanpop.com/spots/mindless-... , Kaci's Wearing This- http://www.polyvore.com/kacis_sneak_o... )
Kaci:*Blushes* Thanks , You Do To. And How You Get Up Here ?? Lol
Roc: I Climbed Lol :P
Kaci: Oh Wow :P , Well Yhuu Ready ??
Roc: Of Course , Lets Go :D
Kaci: *Starts To Walk Out Her Room n Realizes She's Sneaking Out* How Are We Gonna Ge- (Gets Cut Off Bye Roc)
Roc:*Pics Her Up Bridal Style* Dont Worry I Gotchuu Ma ;DD
Kaci: Roc PLEASE Dont!! Your Gonna Hurt You-*Roc Jumps Off Balconey And Lands Perfect*
Roc: Mhmm , You Were Saying ;)
Kaci: Oh Nothinq. *Gets Out Of His Hands* Thxxs Again Roc :D
Roc: Dont Mention It ;DD *Pulls Her By The Waist Close To Him.
Kaci: *Puts Arms Around His Neck , Basically Looking Like This- http://www.google.com/imgres?q=pictur... *

Get It Kaci !! I See Ya Roc ;DD Aha , So Whats Gonna Happen Next ?? Will They Kiss?? Will Kaci's Mom Find Out Shes Gone?? Will Kaci's Dad Walk Out Wen The About To Kiss ?? Stay Tuned To Find Out ............. :D


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