Cloverfield Vs. Godzilla Stop-Motion Toy Film (Hasbro Review)





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Published on Dec 9, 2008

PLEASE READ THIS Before Posting Questions:

THE BUILDINGS are collectible Department 56 buildings widely available on ebay or by googling for sellers. Search for Dept 56 Empire State, or Dept 56 Flatiron, or Dept. 56 Times Tower, etc. They are generally expensive ($100 - $200 each) but there are sometimes deals to be had. If you want to make a video of your own, train buildings, Puzz-3D buildings and souvenirs will work just as well.

THE MONSTERS are a bit more rare...

The CLOVERFIELD Monster is available in a limited run from Hasbro. It stands 17 inches tall when all of its limbs are extended to their fullest, but looks more natural at 14 inches tall. It retails for about $110 right now and comes with a very small statue-of-liberty head (not pictured) and ten even smaller parasite figures (each the same and each the size of a tic-tac).

The KING KONG is from Playmates and can be found quite easily on ebay. This one is the "deluxe" roaring and walking Kong which stands upright at about 14 inches tall.

The AMERICAN GODZILLAs I used were a rubber hand puppet (for swallowing Kong) and the Ultimate Godzilla from Trendmasters, which is just a freaking awesome toy. It stands 17 inches at the head, but one of its shoulder spines tops out at 20 inches. It has a really loud roar (much louder than Hasbro's Cloverfield monster) and it can be found occasionally on ebay, pricing between $50 and $100 (without the box).

The green Shogun GODZILLA is fairly common despite being 30 years old. It was created by Mattel in 1979 as a counterpart to Japan's Popy Godzilla (not shown in this video). It stands 19 inches tall and features a flicking "flame" tongue, wheels on its feet and a right fist that shoots off at the touch of a button. There is usually one or two of these on ebay in varying condition, ranging from $50 to $100 out of the box.

EARTHTRON'S ASTRO BATTINGER is the golden-horned critter shown with the green Godzilla, and he is VERY rare, featching from $400 to $600 depending on his condition. He is from the mid-70s and comes with an attachment to his back which allows his upheld right hand to reach back and grab a "baseball" (they're actually more like ping pong balls) and then pitch it forward to you. He also comes with a stabilizing stand and a small bat...so that you can hit his pitches back to him.

The IRON GIANT shown is Trendmasters' Ultimate Iron Giant, standing 22 inches tall and he includes a tiny magnetic Hogarth to stand on his shoulder and some metal "food." He's about 10 years old (from 1998, when the movie came out) and generally collects over $100 on ebay with or without his box.

KING GHIDORAH is the one fighting the Iron Giant over the Arc de Triomphe, and he's a 27-inch tall (at the top of the wing) custom I made using parts from a Mattel Shogun Godzilla, a few Dragonheart toys and tails from two Revell t-rex models. His heads and jaws move, his wings swivel up and down, his legs move, his feet are on wheels, the base of his tail moves and each of the tails also move at two different spots. And he rocks if I do say so myself.

The MOTHRA LARVA also rocks, being a remote control beastie that moves along like an inchworm, can be commanded to turn right or left, to lift its head and "bark" and most amazingly, to lift its head and shoot a stream of silly string. Wow! Marui made this 22-inch long creature and they also make a Godzilla to go with him (not shown in video). Each of those can fetch upwards of $600 on ebay.

The vinyl HEDORAH or SMOG MONSTER stands about 16 inches tall...and I don't recall who made him, but he was likely about $90 on ebay. I don't think this particular version is all that common, but there are many Smog Monsters in all different sizes to be found, and the large ones tend to cost in that same price range.

Also included are Krypt Kiddies sculpts of the Statue of Liberty's head and a Cloverfield parasite (which were included with their Cloverfield Baby sculpt (not shown in this video). That sculpt was a one-of-a-kind, and can be seen in one of my other videos entitles Scary Toys Cloverfield.


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