10 Reasons Gay Marriage is Wrong





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Published on Sep 19, 2009


The 10 reasons why gay marriage is wrong. These points, and variations on these points are the most used reasons in argument and debate against gay marriage.

This tongue-in-cheek list titled "10 Reasons Gay Marriage is Wrong" refuting most of the reasons was originally posted on FaceBook and can now be found archived at http://www.2m4m.org . A website where you can also find many more disarming facts that squash all the "scary" rumours about the issue.

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Leon Kuwata
How did i get here from watching amandaschronicles Edit: Yes i know miles came out as non-binary, if you take a closer look this comment was posted way before they even came out, so please there's no need to try to remind me, i already know.
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bєlkiαтяαรн same
Rawr Films
Girl same
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Jodie Fox
Yay!  I was so hoping this was going to be sarcastic when I clicked on it.  Great humor used, very enjoyable.  I stand for LGBT rights 100%
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Tremendous Thequadfeeder
Jodie Fox what is wrong with you
lost Unicorn
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Jonathon Carro
please tell me this is a joke, because the reasoning behind all of this is hilarious 😂
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It's pretty much coping Tyler Oakley's video about why he is against Gay Mirage. (He is gay and stands it 🤗)
Emma Johnson
Jonathon Carro it is a joke and it is funny
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That Nerd Who Is In The Phandom
I'm pansexual and have a girlfriend.
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π brfmc
That Nerd Who Is In The Phandom no one gives a shit
Salsa Salsie
We don't bloody care?
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Brendon Urie
Homosexuality has been found in over 1,500 species. Homophobia only in one. Which is unnatural now?
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Joseph Kuzara
How much of the gospel message you clearly dont know apart from other commands in the Bible. There is nowhere in the torah that advocates rape,those who did rape were put to death or by the consent of the parent have thier daughter marry thier rapist-historically in society virginity was prized by the husband so having the man marry ensures the daughter to not be a widow and be taken cared of. women being submissive to thier husbands is not degrading and slavery in israel was alot different than how secular society delt with thier workers. If you actually read the accounts, you will see slaves had rights far superior than what you see in todays society. Not all those who were slaves were bought but sold themselves to pay a debt and or to come out of poverty. God even commanded the release of injured slaves and at appointed times allow certain slaves to go free. In the NT thier were some christians who still owned slaves but Paul advocated that the owners were to release thier slaves that became converted. The slavery we have seen through secular society-wirh its abuse,rape and murder is not How God had His people deal with such people. Instead of trying to read into the bible horrible accounts done to slaves, you should read what slaves under Israel reallt endured. But i personally do not advocate slavery because Paul taught for slaves to gain freedom if they could and to set free those whom were inslaved.but of any Christian is still a slave in a different society where it is still acceptable they are to work unto the Lord and be Humble.
Swiftclaw The Shadow Pup
+Joseph Kuzara if you were to preach his word you would also love slavery, rape, women degrading, ect 
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What Does Original Name Mean
"Gay marriage will encourage you to be gay" 😂 BUT WAIT! "Just like being around tall people makes you tall" xD I... I just...
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L et G od B urn T hem Q uickly
Unsuspecting Marshmallow
If you try to force a straight man to watch gay porn. I bet you money he won't at all feel attracted, I should know, I have a group of gay/bi friends, and one of my straight as an arrow friends became curious. But the moment he experimented with it, he realized damn quick he wasn't gay XD people are people, not everyone is gay, not everyone is straight. It stems back thousands of years. In Rome homosexuality and bisexuality were givens, and here we are, still surrounded by bigotry against something that clearly isn't going away.
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Meiji Marts
So remember people, the next time someone says "It's Adam and Eve, not Adam and Steve" say "It's called Homo Sapiens, not Hetero Sapiens" hahaha now give me them likes!
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Amber Nicole
oh man, I think I just killed brain cells watching this 😐
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The Crybaby Potato
Amber Nicole CHILDREN. CALM YOURSELVES. It was a joke! Jesus.
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Bumble Bee
I'm lesbian I'm happy it's not unnatural
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L et G od B urn T hem Q uickly
sick harrypotterlover
Jerry Krause actually homosexuality is very natural and has been found to be something animals do 'have' also . although i belive that god is absolutely not real and is just something people like to belive i respect that for others it plays a big part in there life but if there is a god i wouldnt want one in which hates gays i would allow him to throw me to hell because gay is great
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F6Add9 Chord
"Hanging around tall people will make you tall." This is a joke, right?
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Human Trash
It should've said "Hanging around tall people will make you hang."
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