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Published on Aug 3, 2013

It's time to battle Ash Ketchum!!! I know there are a few errors, but it'll only last for a few seconds, all right? I'm still learning how to edit text, so once I get better I'll probably redo this battle. ;)


I had to do some research of some of Ash's best team members he had, so I chose these six Pokemon.

1. Pikachu: You would be dumb if you didn't know why he was in this battle. :P

2. Charizard: In my opinion, and yes, it's overrated, I know. However, Charizard has proven his strength so many times in the anime. He fought against Norman's Articuno and remained victorious, and let's not forget the problems that Ash and Charizard had. I'm surprised to see how they get along nowadays.

3. Sceptile: I'm never going to forget how Ash's Sceptile defeated Tobias's Darkrai, that was an amazing match all right. He proved his strength a lot of times back in the good old Hoenn days, too.

4. Gliscor: Gliscor had battled numerous times back in Sinnoh, and I remember that at times Gliscor was successful, with effort, into his battles. Including battling Paul back at the Sinnoh League.

5. Swellow: To me, Swellow is the best of all of Ash's flying type Pokemon. Yeah, Staraptor, Noctowl, they were good too. But Swellow had its moments when the watcher doesn't even know what the heck just happened. Let's not forget what Swellow did up against Tate and Liza. It was one of the top most memorable moments to me in the anime
6. Krookodile: You gotta admit, Krookodile is pretty badass. Krookodile proved his strength a lot of times in the anime, and is also Ash's current most powerful Unova Pokemon. He put up a good fight against Iris's Dragonite in the Junior Cup, and it evolved and finished off Dragonite like it was nothing. He also helped Ash in a lot of battles too, like when Ash battled against Team Plasma in the White Ruins.

If you want to compare Red and Ash, well, they are completely different people. I've seen all sort of crap, but if you look at their achievements and personalities, they are totally different from each other. I know that Ash can act a bit silly at times too, but let's look at the bright side. He won 44 gym badges, including the ones from the Orange League. He was offered the title as a Frontier Brain, used new strategies of battling, but unfortunately doesn't use them in his battles a lot nowadays. I know, some of you like to bitch around that Ash is stupid and childish,, but he's a pretty kind hearted type of trainer always ready to take on the opponent no matter what the disadvantages are!

Oh yeah, and about these critical hits, I attempted battling Ash with some higher leveled Pokemon in my team. It was far too easy, unfortunately, and I increased the levels of his Pokemon slightly and decreased mine. This battle was better and more enjoyable than the last one.

Ash's OW and Trainer Sprite was made by J3010 on deviantArt
Ash's Mugshot was made by SketchFox7 on deviantArt
The player's OWs were made by Varo Saifuru
The player's backsprites were made by TiniVi
The player's mugshot was made by Akuma-Tsubasa on deviantArt
The music used was The Kanto Trainer Battle Theme (Version 2) from the Pokemon Anime

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