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Uploaded on Feb 1, 2008

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Book Review- The Transformations by Dex Quire.

Review: The Transformations, a Tale of Modern Sin by Dex Quire

Dis jus show up in me mailbox 1 day, I thought mi wud review in pic form...

It b on Amazon in papabak and eBookz


Or jus search fo Dex Quire on da Amazon ting...

Mangoes and Melons...

Aleria the Brave

Transcript of Full Video--------------

Diss be Aleria. Me be reviewing diss new book The Transformations by Seattle writer Dex Quire.

The book be about a young guy who like the porn.
He likes both the x rated magazines and the videoz.

He spend a lot of time and money on da porn.

He wanna be like a pornostar so he can get all dem hot girlz. And den he notice in the back, all kinds of ads.
ads he thinks may help him to be a male porno man. So he can get with all the ladies.
You probably seen deez ads before, unless you been livin under some rockz.

The Ads that promise to make bigger, harder, longer and thicker.

Send your money now and in one week, you'll be sportin a new hard rod.

You know about dese ads, you get them everyday in your email.

You think someone, somewhere, must have had results, or else why would they be selling them?

So He finally break down and order some cream, so he can have a shot at being a male porno man like he always dream of. So he can have sex with all the porn ladies of his dreamz.

But you know what? He don't turn into a porno star. He turn into a fuckin donkey. Datz right. A Fucking donkey.

He gets captured after a wild chase through the University District. And installed in the Landwood Park Zoo, where a herd of police stallions attempt to gang rape him.
He escapes and finds Nobi, an old beer drinking elephant with whom he becomes friends.

Then the zoo is attacked by donkey molesting eco terrorists, and carnage results.
For bringing bad luck to the zoo, he is sold to the praise Jesus Commune, a local farm based cult that bakes pies and breads, which enslaves him into their labors in preparing for the end of the world.

He is dragged into an ill conceived and corrupt donkey basketball game, where he turns the tables on his opressive masters. Finally they can stand him no more, and ship him off in a tramp freighter to the Mexican branch of the same cult.

Aboard the boat, he meets a sad little boy who teaches him to speak spanish, and inspires a bout of epicurean cooking with the ships onboard chef.

In Mexico, he is forced to become a beach taxi donkey, earning money for the cult. When he lusts after the ladies on the beach, he is turned over to a variety of other labors, none of which turn out well.

Believing he is about to be part of a donkey and college girl sex show, he is led willingly into the mountains, only to learn he is now in more serious trouble than ever. After saving a lovely girl from a pack of bandits, he is pressed into service at a mariwana farm.

In the final climax, he flies high and gets so stoned that he may never come down again. He may be blown up or shot down, I can't tell you any more than that. But that it's a 420 friendly trip.

Does he ever turn back into a man you ask?

I'll leave that for you to find out...

I see it is available on Amazon in paperback and also e book download, just search for Dex Quire or The Transformations.


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