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Uploaded on Jan 13, 2009

We made this for our English project! ^^


Terry He - Macbeth
Jennifer Trac - Lady Macbeth, Witch
Don Lee - Banquo, Macduff
Cheryl Li - Singer (Not in video, she couldn't make it to the shoot day)
Eddie He - King Duncan, Fleance

Video editing by: Terry He

We wrote all of the lyrics, but the background music is the Haru Haru (Day by Day) Instrumental by Big Bang.
We did not try to make this music video like the one for Haru Haru, we were just telling the story of Macbeth. We LOVE Big Bang though! :D

DISCLAIMER: We do not own any of the Haru Haru Instrumental, it all belongs to Big Bang and YG Family.

Take the Crown
By: YM Bang

Verse 1:
My name is Macbeth, I'm the thane of Glamis
I might not be the King but I'm still hella famous
I'm a beast on the battlefield when it comes to war,
and just you wait, I'll be the thane of Cawdor
BBQ on the mike, to lies impervious
Especially those prophecies, so conspicuous
The witches and their saying are playing with his mind, how can they make predictions if they're so old and blind?
Hold up for a second, whatcha saying homie?
The witches wanna help both you and me
They bring us good fortune with their talk of royalty
Good things will come out way, just you wait and see
(Lady Macbeth)
Hey, hey, hey, it's Lady Macbeth
Let's take down King Duncan, start planning his death
The most important thing is not to get caught
Then we'll get the crown after which we sought

Oh my gosh, I've got no idea what I'm supposed to be doing
(Lady Macbeth)
Go over there and kick his ass so we can have our happy ending
But Lady Macbeth, that's cruel and harsh, there's gotta be a better way!
(Lady Macbeth)
Don't be afraid, just be a man, trust me, everything's gonna be okay

So then he went ahead and took the crown
He was at the top, never though he would fall down
As day by day went by, he lost his sanity
Other than the witches, nobody he'd believe

He knew what he'd done was, oh, so wrong
But there's no going back, he knew all along
He thought when he was king, he'd have it all
He kept wanting more, it ended in his downfall

Oh, Macbeth, those lies, lies
They'll lead to our demise

Verse 2:
Killing Duncan was an easy task
I felt some regret, but I got over it fast
Now I got what I wanted, I'm rockin' the bling
I'm finally on top, that's right, I'M KING!
Look at what Macbeth has turned throughout the rap
He doesn't even know his ryhmes smell like... NONSENSE
I betcha thought I was gonna say "crap",
But I'm Banquo, I'm better than that!
Listen up, Banquo, your sons are supposed to rule, so if I don't kill you know, then I must be a fool
Macbeth, back down, chill out, relax! I don't wanna ruin our friendship or face your wrath!
It's too late for that, the witches have spoken, I'll slay you like Gollum from J.R.R. Tolkien!
My time is up, I'm headed for the sky, I got one more thing to say, "Fly, Fleance, Fly!"


(Lady Macbeth)
Since I became Queen, I've realized all the things I've done, I've had to hide
For these past years, I've lost my mind, so now, I say goodbye
And now the story has come to an end, as Macduff makes amends
Did you know that your ambition would go over the edge, sending you straight over life's crumbling ledge?


Oh, Macbeth, those lies, lies
They led to our demise
Oh, Macbeth, I cry, cry
You're my heart,
Say goodbye

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