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Published on Jan 3, 2007

The Cause Of Death Lyrics.

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"I don't think Bush did it, cause he isn't that smart." XD
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Nick R
Jesus there is a lot to digest in this song. Here's my cliff's notes: US sponsored the rise of the third reich CIA trained terrorists gave al Qaeda $6billion from 1989-1992 (under Bush Sr.) Senator Wellstone was framed I need to read the Wolfowitz doctrine and look for corruption and malpractice Donald Rumsfeld is an asshole Cheney is building oil pipelines through Afghanistan using his business Halliburton Israeli troops trained the taliban in pakistan even though they are supposed to be sworn enemies We have a defense budget that would make it seem that in reality we simply want to take over the globe Colonialism is sponsored by corporations, such as Halliburton, which gets paid to "rebuild" nations after they were destroyed by the very people who own this company... hmmm.......what the fuck?????? Government ties is really why the government lies, exposing these truths is what will cause the propaganda to die. Goddamn Tech. Goddamn.
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Nouman J
Nick R thank u bro
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Sam Penesa
Whenever I go on immortal technique videos, people are always trying to say that he is keeping hip hop alive. Fuck that shit. The topics he speaks on are bigger than hip hop. They are bigger than music as a whole. He's just smart enough to know that the majority of minorities, like myself, listen and appreciate this style of art. But, all musical aspects aside we have to take his lyrics as more than just clever ways to convey reality. His music is just a tool for him to reach people so that one day we may rise up and take back what is ours. Resources, the means of life, are the most valuable thing in this world. Always keep that in mind. THIS IS BIGGER THAN HIP HOP
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it has nothing to do with (((minorities))) you buzz word using shill
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Taran Basra
Immortal Technique will never hit the mainstream because he doesn't rap about bitches, drugs or money. 'When I was a child, the devil himself bought me a mic, but I refused the offer cuz God toldme to strike ' You made the right choice Tech, stay true, RESPECT.
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fuck yeah.
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This goes beyond hip hop, this is deep. #TheTruthHasSpoken
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Three Dimensional
TheNxQ bruh it's a trip he spoke true shit
Whogives Ashit
Deep hop?
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Kenny Gates
I still can't believe Technique hasn't gotten killed for making this song, it speaks so much truth. I'd love to see him as president over Hillary and Trump any day.
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Nick Hardy exactly right
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Now this is Rap AKA old School Rap, where lyrics told a story or a person thoughts on a topic, instead of Wealth, Sex, and Symbolism in today's corrupted Media. This is gold
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Nobody but a very few know that Osama was a CIA agent in the 80's. The world is fucking rigged.
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So what? I mean, it can aswell be just a coincidence. U need proof? Okay. Lets take Lincoln as an example, shall we? His son was saved by a guy, who worked in theatre. (U can search for the photo- lincoln killer and his brother). HE thanked the man. A year later, the brother of the guy, who saved his son, assasinated him. It's a coincidence. Unlikely to happen, but a coincidence. Just cuz u are reffering, that a dude worked somewhere, is it really a proof, that the world is rigged? No? Just as i thought. Coincidences happen. A lot.
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"The devil crept into heaven, God overslept on the 7th the new world order was born on September 11th"
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maritta kuffour
Only brainwashed people who get their information from mainstream media would believe that muslims were behind 9/11. 
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The Vigelante
You're right, Muslims weren't behind 9/11... Islamic extremists were.
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