Pokemon Colosseum 100% snags Speedrun - Segment 28 Part A





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Published on Jul 6, 2009

This is the twenty-eighth part of my Pokemon Colosseum speedrun, and it covers the first Deep Colosseum and third encounter with Miror B.

Normally, I would get a mail here telling me that Miror B was spotted going down with the UFO in The Under, giving you the hint to use the D-Disk. Somehow I have managed to bypass that with my selective mail reading, saving me a bit of time.

Anyway, I make some changes in my team selection. Out goes Miltank and Absol, and in comes Tropius and Tyranitar. Tyranitar's addition may be obvious - it is the highest level Shadow Pokemon available, and has high offfensive stats and Sand Stream making it a useful addition to almost any team. Tropius's selection may be less obvious, but it will have a vital use in several Deep Colosseum battles.

Anyway, I use the Rare Candy I get straight away, and then head straight down to the Deep Colosseum. Once again, the Colosseums contain the only skippable cutscenes.

Hunter Dewig: Nuzleaf always starts with Fake Out on Feraligatr, making this battle a bit longer than it could have been. Anyway, I go for Shadow Rush on Zangoose, while it charges up for Razor Wind. Next turn comes Blizzard, weakening Zangoose and KOing Nuzleaf. Back to Hyper Mode for Skarmory. Turn 3 is where I wrap things up - Zangoose is KOed by Blizzard, but Tropius barely survives, and eats Shadow Rush to seal the deal.

Bodybuilder Palen: Earthquake to start, weakens Vigoroth and KOs Typhlosion. Vigoroth does know Endure which can extend this battle, but it manages to avoid using it here, and goes for Slash instead. Skarmory starts the attack on the incoming Hariyama, where I can finish it off in turn two.

Worker Toway: Girafarig always seems to start with Magic Coat, even though I have no moves that cause direct status (Blizzard causes indirect status which it cannot reflect). It falls easily, along with Houndour. Next up is Dodrio and Ledian. I get a Blizzard miss, but it doesnt matter, the crit on Dodrio more than makes up for it. Ledian falls to Shadow Rush + Surf.


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