Incident at the dog park





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Published on Jun 1, 2011

fortunately no dog was injured, they started to play again together after this little incident as if nothing had happened..

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Normal speed please.
Al Ghanekar
would have been better if you didn't slow it down like a fuckin idiot.  I don't actually think you are an idiot FYI.  But that was just the emotion this invoked in me. 
So, a lot of talk about a Caucasian Ovcharka & a German Shepherd dog. Neither were involved in this. The larger dog is definitely not a CO. The smaller, not a GSD. I would not call this a fight but an altercation. The dogs figured it out within seconds so as humans, you should figure it out. Not a big deal.
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VeryFriendly Nihilist
+kangaldogs0331 You are clueless about dogs so just SHUT THE HELL UP!
+VeryFriendly Nihilist WTF are you talking about? You have no point. Fucking nihilists ruin everything. 
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Miku Raju
lol that Rottie was just like "tha fuck?"
qwe qwen
Love watching Dogs fight to the death
Yo why the fuck r they recording rather than stopping it
The German shepherd was ready to keep going, it was the Ovcharka that backed off at the end. Ovcharka are strong but have no real heart and will run as soon as animal with drive stands up to it. German shepherds have true drive and never give up, if that continued, the German shepherd would have ate that fat fur ball. 
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+savc In my (admittedly fairly limited) experience CO's are far from fur balls and in fact are probably the most ferocious and powerful dogs in the world (along with the other eastern europe LGD's CAO, Kangal etc) in a fight for the first 5 mins. This is enough to see them win nearly all the time as another dog has to be pretty damn game to take the beating and still want to fight. Most give up when they realize they're overpowered like the German Shepherd does here.
+zachariah stepp lol you lie
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Mother fucker, get that big dog away from the baby german shepherd, i cant even imagine if this happened with my adult husky... they are usually friends wiith other dogs, but they have one of the strongest bites, and are a little bit wolves
Mel F
This is horrible. I can't believe no one intervened. 
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+Luis Solorio Joses' point still stands though, either way. When in the heat of the moment, the dogs aren't likely to know their owners until after they bit.
Karate Kid
Jose Lopez really two gangs in a shoot out?
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Mbuna Marcus - Aquariums, Cichlids and More
Can you slow it down a little more
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